3 reasons why Behavioural assessment is crucial at the time of hiring

May 2, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Imagine you hiring a person simply on the skills and abilities that he has shown rather mentioned in the CV. But the moment you hire him, you realize that he is not really good in keeping relation with clients and other team mates. Of course, it turns out to be quite a problem since you are not really sure on how to deal with such situation. Besides, the person whom you hire if you restrict him may lead to bad retention policy that would be noted down for the company. This may affect the reputation of the company to a large extent. But here are a few reasons what you can do to make sure things go right at the time of hiring.

Know more about Behavioural assessment:

The prime focus of such type of assessment is to make sure you get a clear understanding about good and bad side of the individual who has applied to your job role. With such type of assessment, you understand whether the candidate whom you are planning to hire is an individual player or can work with the whole team. Besides, it becomes easy for you to also understand if he can work in the flexible working environment or not which in today’s time is extremely common.

Reason because of which such assessment is important:

Client interaction:

With the help of behavioural assessment, you understand whether the candidate is confident enough o presents himself and the company as a whole in front of the client. The person is expected to have conversation on frequent basis for the problems and issues to be dealt and for which behavioural of the person needs to be clear in your mind. Besides, the person would also be responsible on creating a cordial relation of the company with the clients if he promises to offer rather delivers already a good job that results to ultimate client satisfaction.

Team work:

Another crucial part about conducting such assessment is to understand if the person can work with different mind sets while balancing his own mental status or not. A person has to be extremely patient, a good listener and extremely careful with the words he uses in from of the team. Whether he is a team manager or a leader or simply a fresher, to have an attitude that would be rude shall not be entertained.

Flexible environment:

With the increasing use of digitalization, the demand of the clients has become quite a lot flexible. This has resulted to the flexible office environment itself. But if you have a flexible environment but the candidate is not that adjustable then it is not just his loss but the company’s loss as a whole. That is why, conduct such assessment and understand if the person can be quite flexible with the changing working environment or not.

No matter whether you conduct a technical round or an aptitude test, to understand the work style and behavioural traits, such type of assessment has to be conducted.