5 Mental Disorders You Must Know About

February 23, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

With our current lifestyle and the amount of stress our body and mind endures on a daily basis, it isn’t surprising that the amount of mental disorders that are surfacing, is on the rise. Somehow every second or third person that we meet has been a victim of some or the other mental trauma that is caused by stress. But there are a few disorders that are more severe and common than the others. It is those disorders that we are going to talk about in this article.

Anxiety Disorder

Every person has felt anxiety at some point or the other point, and that is healthy and beneficial for our body’s defence system as it helps us avoid danger. But if you feel anxious very often that could be a warning sign that you might be suffering from anxiety disorder. A person suffering from anxiety feels anxious about even the smallest of stressors and reacts in the extremes as a result of it. When anxiety becomes a hurdle is carrying out the simplest of tasks, which is when it starts affecting you the most and needs urgent treatment.


Many people say that they are depressed or a certain situation is depressing. But depression is more than just a onetime occurrence, it’s a prolonged feeling of worthlessness and sadness. People who are depressed tend to have extremely low self-esteem, and in some cases even have suicidal thoughts. Even a simple task like getting out of your bed in the morning might seem excruciatingly burdensome. If you feel like you have any or all of these symptoms we recommend that you see a doctor immediately, and don’t worry about the bills, you can bank on crowdfunding India  to take care of that.

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is categorised by unreasonable shifts in moods that are in the extremes. People suffering with Bipolar disorder tend to have exhilarating highs or depressing lows, without any plausible explanation as to why. If you notice that there is someone who persistently has such major shifts in moods we recommend that you fix an appointment with the best doctor around, and give them the gift of good mental health, while crowd funding in India takes care of the medical funds.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

A person suffering with ADHD is very easy to spot in a crowd. They will be the most distracted, impulsive people who constantly seem restless. It’s not a disorder that is genetic or developed in childhood. This person will constantly have at least 10 thoughts running through his mind at any particular moment, being unable to focus on any one. They will be constantly active and on the move. Sitting in one place is not something they are capable of doing. If you know someone suffering with ADHD, you might find it exhausting to even watch them, while they will effortlessly do things that require the most energy. They seem like a human powerhouse of energy.


Dementia is a mental disorder that is commonly experienced by older people. It is a group of symptoms that deal with people losing their memory over a period of time. The deteriorating state of their mind causes them to slowly lose the ability to even think rationally. There is no known cure or treatment to dementia, but ranks high on the list of mental disorders in today’s day and age.