6 Significant Tips for Washing Machine Buyers

May 23, 2019 friend.seocompany@gmail.com | Comments Off

Washing machine is considered to be one of the big fat purchases that a homeowner makes to support a hassle-free and smooth lifestyle. Whether you are buying an all-new washing machine or upgrading an existing one, it is necessary to know how to take a better decision because buying a washing machine is not an everyday affair.

How to buy the best suitable washing machine depends entirely upon your ability to understand a few crucial factors. All the contemporary washing machines heavily differ in functionalities, load, power consumption, capacity and some other innovative features that include the following-

  • Protective rash mesh
  • Child lock
  • Delay start
  • Digital display
  • Hot wash/temperature control
  • Quick wash
  • Wash programmes etc.
  1. Here’s is How you Should Go-
  1. First of all decide on your washing needs so that you can make a better choice regarding the capacity.
  2. If you are the one who is overly concerned about your electricity bills, then go only for an energy efficient model with energy star rating of at least 4.
  3. The tube size of the machine is what determines how many clothes you can wash at a time. If you want your machine to wash a big heap of clothes in a single go, then you will have to opt for a machine with a large-sized tube.
  4. Never forget to consider the RPM of the washing machine you are going to buy. Looking for faster washing speeds with large size tube will make you pay more.
  5. Modern washing machines have been categorised into Semi automatic and fully automatic apparatuses. It is strongly advisable that you must see a live demo of both kinds of machines before making the final decision.
  6. One of the best ideas to get finally settled on a washing machine is to visit the home of your friend(s) or relative(s) already utilizing the machine. It will give you a hands-on experience.

While all the things are settled, be particular about the warranty related facts associated with the machine. Almost all the reputed companies offer standard warranty on their products. Extended warranty is another phenomenon these days offered at an added cost. It is fully at a customer’s discretion whether he or she has to buy it or not at the time of purchase.

In case you don’t want to go for an extended warranty in the light of the added or extra amount involved, there is no reason to worry. You can enjoy complete peace of mind even if you don’t buy an extended warranty. If you face any issue with your washing machine after your standard warranty expires, you can call Lifeasy, the most dependable service provider of washing machine repair in Delhi.

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