A Brief Guide On Inbound Marketing For The Beginners Of 2018

October 26, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

If you clicked on our link then it is obvious that you’re either interested in knowing about it or thinking to get started with it for your business. In today’s article we are going to discuss the inbound marketing in-depth for a complete and clear understanding.

There are two major misconceptions about inbound marketing first that “SEO” is just a shiny term used to attract audience. Second, the method is exactly the same as traditional one.

Instead of clearing this misconception, i would like to educate you about the “inbound marketing” which will automatically throw out all the doubts of your mind immediately.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a technique which is used to provide the audience a relevant solution to their problem at the time of need. It can be done through various of ways such as guest blogging, social media  content, on-site content, video sharing, ppc etc. this process includes SEO to increase the chances of your content showing up in front the time when audience are in need of solution.

Despite utilizing SEO technique in the process, the two terms are relatively different from each other. The purpose of SEO is to focus on where the website should get appear based on their keywords and relevancy.

On the other hand, inbound marketing is all about engaging with the audience on the platforms where they remain active mostly. The focus of inbound marketing is to offer the most accurate and relevant content to the target audience on effective platforms.

How inbound marketing is different from outbound or traditional marketing?

Both The terms may be looking similar but the purpose is completely different from each other.

Outbound marketing : outbound marketing is the technique which is in use from long period of time. The purpose is branding and advertising, one of the best examples are advertising on television, newspaper, radio etc. although, outbound marketing is prove to be less effective in compare to inbound marketing. Still, it is much more expensive than inbound in terms of implementation of it.

Inbound marketing value for money

Inbound marketing is valuable both in terms of money and customer satisfaction. People need the answer only when the question is asked. They do not need a unnecessary messages or information when they are in no need. So the inbound marketing is undoubtedly a ideal option for them anyday. Moreover, if we look from marketer perspective then still inbound marketing is better as it cost 61% less amount of money than traditional one, as per the report by experts.

Final call

It is better to go with inbound marketing as it helps in gaining traffic towards website effectively. If the implementation and strategy done right then you will positively improve the productivity of your business tremendously. Still, inbound marketing is little time consuming process but better than all the other tools of the market for long term stability.