Advantages of Turbocharged Engines

October 17, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Today, we get to hear quite often about the usage of turbocharged engines, in the modern day vehicles. The reasons behind its usage can be also counted as its advantages as well. But unless you know it from a technical point of view, the real advantages of using a turbocharged engine in a vehicle might stay ambiguous to the layman’s eyes. So, to gather some authentic knowledge about the advantages of turbocharged engines, we spoke to a group of a team of experienced mechanics at the Twin Falls Chevrolet service center. What we learned from them seemed to be worthy enough to be share with you.

As explained by them, the common belief about a turbo charger is that, it is only useful for vehicles that are meant to run faster. But that is not the sole advantage of using a turbocharged engine, but there are several more advantages to get one installed on your car. And here are they:

Consumption of Fuel

If we compare two engines producing same amount of power, one with a turbocharger, and another without, the engine that comes with the turbo will need to consume less fuel, than the one that doesn’t have a turbocharger. The reason behind this difference is that, the actual size of the engine with a turbocharger will be smaller. The mechanical experts confirmed that a turbocharged engine will return 20 percent better percentage of fuel economy.

Better Performance at Higher Altitude

Engines need sufficient air pressure to burn the fuel while generating power. But driving at higher altitudes lower down the air pressure that makes the non-turbo engines produce lesser power. But with a turbocharged engine the performance of a vehicle improves in proportion to its enhanced power generation capacity. This happens because the turbocharger is capable of increasing the density of the air that enters the engine. This way it is able to generate more power.

Reduction in Engine Size and Weight

As fewer number of cylinders are required to produce the same amount of power in a turbocharged engine, the overall size and weight of the engine reduces to a significant level in comparison to a normal engine. A lighter car will obviously be more efficient in generating the same amount of power than that of a regular engine that gets bigger and heavier with more number of cylinders.

Curbing Down Emissions

To improve the gas mileage and at the same time reducing emissions, the manufacturers prefer to use turbocharged engine that is smaller in size than a regular engine, and hence will burn lesser amount of fuel and therefore emit lesser amount of carbon dioxide.

Reduced Noise Pollution The team of mechanics of the Chevrolet dealer Twin Falls service center concluded with mentioning yet another advantage of turbocharged engine that because of its relatively smaller size, the turbocharged engine produce lesser noise than a naturally aspirated one, and is often used as an additional silencer, that can muffle any noise that gets generated.