All you need to know about ransomware epidemic and what you can do?

August 30, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

The days are over when people were not aware about the ransomware attacks. Most of the people knew about this after getting attacked by the ransomware. But nowadays, the threats of ransomware are on the high rise, so there is no one who does not know about the ransomware attacks. If you are not aware about the basics of ransomware attacks then you at high risk of being attacked because once you know the root cause then only you can be able to avoid them. So before getting into details, it is important to know what exactly the ransomware is? How it affects the users? How can users deal with it?

What ransomware is?

Ransomware is not only a threat and if you know only this thing then you are highly mistaken. In actual words, ransomware is a type of criminal offence in which the attackers attack your system and hold the important data and files with them. Once they get all the data and files, they extort money from the system holders. As the system contains all the necessary information of the business like marketing strategies, details about deals and many more. So once they them in their hands, it is a biggest threat to your business because they can misuse the information and damage the reputation of your business. The most interesting fact is that, the ransomware is becoming one of the highly preferred ways to extort the money from the businesses, enterprise and companies. In simple words, ransomware is a cybercrime bur still people find it like a way to extort the money.

Although there are several ways by which the ransomware can attack the system and one of the common way is by installing the software on the machine which is intended to be use. In former times, the ransomware were being happened through the emails. These emails were earlier sent to the groups of people who are targeted for the attacks. Nowadays, the ransomware attackers are being smart. So they started the attack by focusing on single person then they focus on small business then shifted to middle class business and now, they don’t get afraid of focusing on the large business because they know that they can extort the biggest amount of money from the large businesses.

As the system contains a lot of files. The new ransomware attackers do not attack the back up data or shadow copies but the ransomware attackers who are doing it from the past several years, they extract the data and information like Pdf files, images, music and many other important things. Apart from this, they also extracts the shadow copies from the computers system and removes the backup data as well and in this way, the victims have only 2 options, either they have to loose the entire data or they have to pay the decided ransom to the attackers. It is the attacker who will decide what to do?