Alluring Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

December 27, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

What’s the worst thing in life? Having regrets. When you have the chance to do something that you always wanted to do but avoid doing it because of whatever reasons you had, that thing pinches you later. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair and you surely will do everything it takes to make your wedding remarkable. Nowadays, every other couple strives to make their wedding memorable but very few individuals take into account the environmental factor.

Isn’t it would be amazing if your wedding is outstanding and environmental friendly at the same time.  Hurl away all the things from your mind and hire the eminent Wedding planners in Udaipur to incorporate the best eco-friendly trends in your wedding and make a massive impact on the world. Let’s have a look at some amazing eco-friendly ways.

  1. Utilize Vintage Furniture

One of the setbacks of using plastic furniture’s is they are non-recyclable. On the other hand, classic vintage furniture’s are magnificent in appearance, recyclable, and add a touch of royalty to your wedding.

  1. Zero Food Waste

In a majority of the weddings, you will find that most of the food items get wasted. Just to flaunt their wealth in front of the guests, couples include those dishes and cuisines that guests don’t even bother to look at. One way to avoid the wastage of food is to include only limited food items in the menu that guests would love to eat. If the food remains even after the wedding, pack the food and distribute it among the needy ones.

  1. Paperless Invitations

Every year countless trees get chopped to produce the paper required for the various purposes like writing, official work, wedding invitations etc. We are living in a digital era then why don’t we harness the power of technology and create unique wedding invitations and save some precious trees.

  1. Rent rather than Purchase

Indian weddings are very garish and an exorbitant affair. Couples spend heavily on purchasing unnecessary things which could have been taken on rent. Hence, they end up with sky-rocketing expenses. The best way is to take everything on rent that you don’t need to buy. Start right from your wedding outfit, crockery, chair, decor items etc.

  1. Location

Instead of planning your wedding at some lavish resort or hotel, choose the natural spots like a public park or the backyard of your home to give your wedding function a natural touch. Picking the park or home backyard not only renders the breathtaking natural look but also save a lot of bucks. Yes., there is quite the chances that bad weather may ruin your memorable day. To cope up with adverse weather situations, book the tent in advance.

  1. Purchase Booze in Bulk and from Local Vendors

Instead of purchasing individuals bottles of beer or whiskey, pick the large barrels of alcohol. It will help you to reduce the number of non-recyclable clutters to a great extent and also satiate the needs of your alcohol-loving friends.

  1. Vegan Makeup

Not many women know that the makeup products they use are made up of animals parts. Think about how much pain these innocent creatures have to bear just for your trivial needs. Ask your makeup artist to use only vegan makeup products that are cruelty-free and make a noteworthy contribution towards the environment.

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