Best Parental App to Monitor Social Media on Computer & Cell Phones

September 5, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Staring screens of cell phone and computers and button clicking activities have become a daily routine of the people worldwide. The contemporary mobile phones, laptops and desktops computers connected to the internet enable a user to use social media apps and websites. Today, digital parenting has become the toughest job for parents and they don’t know how they can come to know all the activities of kids and teens which they perform on the instant messaging apps using mobile phones and social websites using contemporary computer machines.

On the other hand, when parents suddenly realize or heard about the cyber predators and other online vulnerabilities they really feel concerned to protect their children from all cyber dangers. So, they tend to visit the free parental control app and then waste their time and don’t get satisfactory results. Therefore, today am going to guide a single mother or father and to those parents who cannot afford expensive digital parenting tools. All they should need to use the best parental app to monitor social media on computer and cellphones.

Why use the best parental app for cell phones & computers?            

Parental control app for cell phones and computer enable users to monitor all the trendy social messaging apps and websites to the fullest. All you need to do is to have physical access on the target smartphones and laptop machines for once. Then you need to know the operating systems of the target cell phone android or IOS and as well as MAC or window. Once you have come to know, then you just need to install the cell phone and computer monitoring software on the target device. The moment you have done it successfully and then very next moment you can activate it on the target phone or computer and while doing it.

You will get a pop – message either you want to use it on the target device secretly or not. Now make your best options at very according to your needs and further you can activate it. Now you just need to use the credentials of your account and get access to the online control panel of the cell phone and computer surveillance software. Furthermore, you can visit the cell phone spy app for android and IOS and cell phone spy app for windows and MAC tools.

How cellphone & PC monitoring app handy for social media monitoring?

It enables concerned parents to get access to the target smartphone and desktop devices and further track all the activities of kids and teens. It provides complete information to parents about kid’s social media activities and they stay updated all the time. It would be very effective for parents to protect their children from online predators such as stalkers, cyber bullies, and sexual predators and to stop them to adopt bad habits as blind dating and sexting. Moreover, parents can limit their screen time and can remotely control their social media activities to save their health issues such as depression, anxiety, and sleeping disorders. Let’s discuss cell phone and computer spying app tools individually that help out parents to monitor social media activities

Cell phone spy app tools

IM’s Social Media

The parent can use android monitoring app and can get access to all social media apps logs such as chat conversations, text messages, audio and video conversations, share media in terms of photos and videos and WhatsApp Voice messages, Facebook Voice calls, IMO Voicemails and Telegram Voice messages.

Live screen recording    

Parents can make short back to back videos of the screen when trendy social media apps are running on the target cell phone of android or IOS device. You can simply do Facebook Live screen recording, Yahoo live screen recording, IMO live screen recording and plenty of others alike. Moreover, you can do YouTube screen recording, chrome screen recording, SMS and email screen recording.

Computer monitoring app (Windows +MAC)        

Website Blocking

You can block all the social media websites and other ones with the use of MAC monitoring Software. You just need to put the URLs of the digital media websites and then put it to the filters.

User –friendly reports    

You can use windows tracking app and you can get the entire social media websites user –friendly reports.

Windows website blocking

Windows monitoring app also enables a user to block social media websites to the fullest and similarly to the MAC tracking app you just need to put the URLs into the filters. Then your children or teens don’t get access to the social media websites.

Screen recording

You can do the screen recording of the target MAC laptop device and can make short videos of the screen when the target user is using social media and can view entire activities.


Best parental software for cell phones & computers empower parents to monitor the social media activities of kids and teens to the fullest.