Brazilian Butt Lift Or Traditional Buttock Augmentation?

November 13, 2020 Tom Clark | Comments Off

When you start conducting some research, you will find there are many different “butt lift” options available today. The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most widely requested procedures. Sometimes, these procedures are referred to as gluteal augmentations or butt augmentations.

Now, these procedures are even more popular because they are an excellent way to get a better body shape overall. In a buttocks-enhancing surgery, many different procedures can be done, such as liposuction, tightening, removal of excess skin, but implants and or the transfer of fat from another part of the body. There are several options to create your desired shape.

Why You May Want a Butt Lift

There are many different reasons why people may opt for a butt lift and the people considering it typically fall into any one of these categories:

  • Looking to enhance the overall buttock size
  • Happy with the size; however, they want to improve the buttock shape
  • Feel that their body is disproportionate
  • Feel that with age, their butt has started to droop
  • Want a more balanced body shape and are looking for an enhancement
  • Feel that some fullness or roundness will improve their figure
  • Looking for a solution that will increase the buttock size while slimming the waist (Brazilian Butt Lift)

It is possible to customize a butt lift to the patient’s goals and needs.

Butt Lift or Augmentation?

About Buttock Augmentation 

  • In implant surgery, either a water-filled device or gel silicone is placed within each side of the buttocks. It creates a rounded and full appearance.
  • There was a time when gel silicone implants were used often. However, in case of a rupture, the gel silicone can leak, resulting in an undesirable and lumpy appearance. In some cases, this can potentially lead to infection or organ damage as well.
  • Water-filled implants are far more common today. In the case of implant rupture, it’s far less dangerous than a silicone-filled one.
  • However, it is still essential to be aware of this disadvantage to be aware of.
  • While ruptures aren’t common, they are a possibility, especially if there is trauma to the butt area, due to a hard fall.
  • A rupture could potentially cause a lack of symmetry, drooping, and the need for another operation.
  • Solid silicone implants are the advanced version, and they retain the benefits of traditional butt augmentation. However, they do not rupture like the latter. By using a solid silicone implant, you would not have the same concerns that surgeons have had with gel silicone and water-filled butt implants.
  • It’s crucial to note that there will always be some scarring when you get butt implants done. For many patients, this makes them a much less-desirable option.

About the Brazilian butt lift

  • It is an alternative to a traditional butt implant.
  • This relatively new way of changing the look of the buttocks has gained popularity rapidly; it’s because there are certain distinct advantages to it when compared to butt augmentation.
  • A Brazilian butt lift doesn’t involve placing any foreign object in the body.
  • Instead, the enhancement is done using the patient’s fat. It means you do not face the risk of rejection from the body or an allergic reaction.
  • While butt implants always leave scars, a Brazilian butt lift doesn’t. That’s because it’s performed via injection. There are almost zero visible marks at the injection site.

During the Brazilian butt lift procedure, the surgeon first removes the fat from some other part of the patient’s body like the hips or abdomen. It means that you get a shapelier butt and a slimmer body at one shot.

It is a minimally-invasive, shorter procedure, so the patient has less downtime and a quicker recovery. You can discuss your options with the surgeon who will help you make the right decision based on your preferences and goals.