Brennan & Clark Collection Agency- Ways to Stop Collection Calls Instantly

May 17, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Are you receiving collection calls regularly for a loan that you have not taken? You want to stop this nuisance however you have no clue how! The above case is very common to some people in the USA. They keep on getting collection calls for a debt they have not taken. The nature of these calls is very unpleasant and it is obvious they are unhappy with the way they are spoken to. They wish to put an end to these calls as they do not want to be a victim of any rip-offs.

Brennan & Clark Collection Agency- Ways to stop annoying collection calls

Brennan & Clark Collection Agency is an esteemed collection agency in the USA with over 30 years of valuable experience when it comes to collection of debts from third parties on behalf of their clients. The experts here state that most of the time these collection companies make a mistake with the name. There are several people with similar names Their numbers are located and these calls start assuming that the person in question has taken a loan that he or she has not repaid and has long fallen due. Of course, there is no way for these companies to verify whether the calls are being made to the right person or not for the obvious reason that the person in question in order to dodge the loan has changed his or her number. Again, in case you have taken the debt and have defaulted you do not have to be afraid. You can talk to an esteemed debt collection company and put an end to these calls.

Tips to stop collection calls

The experts here say that if you are a victim of unwanted collection calls, you do not have to worry. The following are some effective ways via which you can put an end to these irritating calls-

  1. Take the call and ask a debt collection agency to intervene- When you have taken a loan and have not repaid it, you just cannot run away. The creditors do have a legal right to take back the money they gave you. Do not panic, take the call and confirm the amount. After that take the help of a debt collection company to help you settle the pending dues. The team of experts will advise you on the solutions open to you. Debt consolidation and debt settlement are common solutions to repay your creditor and stop the collection calls.
  2. Know your rights- It is true that being in debt is an uncomfortable situation however know your rights. The debt collector cannot talk to you in abusive language under the Federal law. Speak to a good debt collection company to negotiate with your creditor. Both of you will arrive at a settlement that is mutually agreeable.

Brennan & Clark Collection Agency says that if you follow the above 2 tips, you can effectively stop collection calls and avoid being a part of unwanted rip-offs as well.