Describing the Effects of DUI/DWI on Auto Insurance Rates

November 16, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

What can be the repercussions of “driving under influence” and “driving while intoxicate” at your auto insurance? Well, we know the hidden dangers while drunken driving and even then, we find numerous people, who keep continue it regularly. However, they do not know the consequences when they will apply for auto insurance after a DUI/DWI.

As described earlier, people drink and drive, so are caught if checked. When it happens, they need the general auto insurance. However, companies consider them suspicious customers and require higher premiums for them to minimize the risk factor. Although the car insurance companies never design the insurance policy with the name of DUI insurance, their quotes clearly show that they deal it separately and indigenously.

Let’s experience the impact of DUI/DWI on the auto insurance!

What will the auto insurance rate after DUI/DWI?

To determine the exact value and show you the real picture, we need some accurate information that will describe everything that is required for getting an online quote.

Let’s design an example!

Here is a 30-year-old man. He is single and drives a 2014 Toyota Corolla. We assume that he drives in New York and Illinois. The insurance companies deal both the states differently. According to the statistics, New York is more expensive than Illinois, but the increase due to DUI is almost the same.

With a single DUI conviction, the rise in the premium rates was 36% in New York while 44% in Illinois. When we compare different car insurance companies, we find a huge difference in rates, but on average, it is an alarming rise. With the increased convictions, the percentage increases and can reach up to 85%.

Some other factors that can influence the general auto insurance rates

Our example was specific to a 30-year-old single man. Here, we will observe some other factors as well that can affect the insurance premiums in case of DUI. Have a look!


It is a key factor. We already know that the teenagers and young drivers pay more and if they are DUI convicted once in last 12 months, they will find the car insurance 5% costlier than the normal rates while comparing the rates with a 30-year-old driver under the same conviction. It means that the young drivers suffer more if they are DUI convicted.


It is the time after the DUI conviction. The car insurance companies observe your last three to five years consciously while calculating the quote after DUI conviction. For example, if someone was convicted four years ago, he will buy the insurance premium, 18% less than that person, who was convicted within the last 12 months.

How many DUIs did you receive?

It is the most important factor, especially for DUI drivers convicted more than once. We have already discussed the difference between one time DUI conviction and without conviction rates. The following section will tell us the difference between one-time and four-time conviction. A person with four DUIs will pay almost 60% more for the bodily injury coverage premiums than the one with one DUI. These are average figures and this percentage varies from company to company as well.


There are thousands of car insurance companies in the United States of America. Every company deals the drivers differently after a DUI. They have their own defined SOPs and calculate the premiums accordingly. The buyers need to keep this difference in mind as well.

How do the car insurance companies deal their customers after a DUI?

After getting a DUI, you must submit form SR-22 or FR-44 to your insurance company. It will show your honesty towards the company. If you are convicted for the very first time, the car insurance company may ignore it and keep you remained a customer. If you have violated several times before, the insurance company will terminate your policy.

If you think that the insurance companies cannot find you, you are not right as they check your past history all the time when you go for renewing the coverage.

Final Thoughts

Buying the general auto insurance after a DUI/DWI can be very expensive for you as it depends on numerous factors such as age, company, time and many other components.

Finding the most comparable companies can be very difficult. The best practice is to drive with a clear mind and sheered responsibility. If you drive honestly on the roads, no one can convict you. Conviction is only for those who break the rules.