Does Wearing Mask Protect from Flu or Any Other Virus?

May 25, 2020 Tom Clark | Comments Off

In the year 2009, when swine flu spread in the USA, people were worried about their self-protection since availability of vaccine was very limited.

According to CDC, since the virus was not fully identified, the vaccine manufacturers could not start manufacturing them.

Therefore, the only available protection that people could use was wearing a mask, so that the transmission of the virus could be limited.

Almost similar situation that we are in today when the whole world is under the pandemic situation created by COVID-19. Therefore, again people are looking for masks and as a result bulk Protective Respiratory Masks have become necessary.

Now the question is can we really stop the spread of COVID-19 virus by simply wearing a mask?

What is expert’s opinion?

CDC recommends everyone to use a mask and according to them by wearing a mask one can limit the spread of the virus to some extent.

Therefore, all people must wear a mask which should cover their nose as well as mouth while moving within the community. At the same time people should maintain a social distance and wash their hands with soap regularly.

The healthcare professionals must always put on their mask when they are dealing with their patients.

By wearing masks not only you can protect yourself but also you can help in preventing spread of any virus.

Earlier scientists were not too sure that wearing masks can really be effective or not but after recent studies made by them, they found that wearing masks does help in preventing virus to spread at faster rate.

Different mask types

If you are looking for masks then what type of mask that you should choose? Following are there different types of masks available in the market.

  • Surgical face masks

Doctors, nurses and dentists often wear such mask while treating their patients. Such masks can prevent any large droplets of body fluids which may contain viruses coming from nose and mouth.

Average masks that are available in local drugstore may not be sufficient for filtering out viruses. Therefore, experts recommend special kind of masks with very fine mesh, which must be worn correctly.

  • Respirators

These are also known as N95 respirator masks, designed for protecting from small particles available in the air.

Since they will filter 95% of airborne particles, they are called N95 masks which are also used while painting or handling any potentially toxic material.

Respirator is meant mainly for healthcare professionals and unlike regular type of face masks, these respirators can protect against large or small particles.

  • Masks made of cloth for face covering

General public can use such masks or cloth face coverings in public places like grocery stores, or places where it is difficult in maintain social distance.

Though you may not get same protection level like surgical masks or respirators, but wearing them in public can reduce community spreading of viruses.

Anybody can make such masks at home by using any cotton fabric by sewing it with your own swing machine.

While removing cloth face mask, avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes.