Embedded Systems And Robotics

May 25, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

An embedded system describes a computer system that comes with a dedicated role across a larger electrical or mechanical system, and actual time computing forces. Embedded systems regulate various popularly used gadgets. An embedded system can be large or independent, and its software will often be embedded in the memory modules as Read Only memory (ROM).

It does not require a secondary memory in this case, a computer. Some of the available embedded system applications include; smart cards, computer networking, missiles, telecoms, satellites, digital cameras, robotics, smart phones, and washing and cooking gadgets.

The embedded system design can be executed through simulation. This is used to analyze the circuit to prevent breakdowns since they can make hardware replacement an arduous task. A successful analysis enables the designer to create a permanent process with the help of sequential wafer procedures.

Understanding Embedded Systems

Embedded systems cannot be used to execute multiple tasks since they are intended to handle specific tasks. Embedded system software is referred to as firmware and it can be stored in a chip or a disc. Embedded systems come into two prime elements which are; embedded system software and embedded system hardware.

Embedded System Hardware

The embedded system needs a hardware stand in order to collaborate with different actual time outputs and inputs or changes. The hardware can be memory or communication modules, display systems, microprocessors or microcontrollers, and input/output interfaces.

Embedded System Software

Technicians can use the software to program their preferred trend to ensure the regulation of different operations. It is assembled in a code, written in first class level format, and installed in hardware controllers.

Actual time embedded systems are defined as computer systems which execute various actions such as regulating, acknowledging, and monitoring movement. The external surrounding is linked to the computer system using sensors, input/output interfaces, and actuators. An actual computer system that is enclosed with another computer system is referred to as an actual time embedded system. This is utilized in various fields such as; medical, military, and government sectors.

Robotic Projects In Embedded Systems

Technicians can use embedded systems in various actual time applications including; industries, robotics, and automobiles. Below are some actual time projects which are associated with robotics.

Voice Regulated Robotic Vehicle With Speech recognition

This project is designed to regulate a robotic arm vehicle using voice commands for remote execution. A speed acknowledgement module is used together with a microcontroller to carry out the needed operation. This project uses other components including; an RF module, a push button, a decoder, an encoder, DC motors, a motor drive IC, and batteries.

The voice commands executed by the speech acknowledgement module and which are also interfaced with the microcontroller and push buttons can be used to control vehicle movements. An encoder uses the RF transmitter to encode commands delivered to the microcontroller to transmit signals at a specific frequency.

When signals developing from the correspondence of voice movement indicators or pressing of buttons are gathered by the microcontroller, it circulates control indicators towards the receiver circuit via the transmitter module. After receiving the indicators, the RF receiver transmits them to the decoder circuit from where the binary data is changed to form a microcontroller level indicator.

The microcontroller in this case executes the desired activity out of the transmitter circuit. A laser module is incorporated with the microcontroller in order to detect the functions executed by the robot especially while in dark places.

Touch Screen Remote Regulated Robotic Vehicle For Store Administration

This project involves regulating a robotic vehicle via a touch screen display unit for remote function. A touch screen board is fixed at the end of the transmitter, then a pick and place robot is put at the end of the receiver to execute a task by acknowledging the signals. This project constitutes of various components such as; a microcontroller, DC motors, a robotic body, an encoder, and a battery.


Analyzing these actual time embedded systems illustrations can help individuals to better understand the theory of embedded systems.