Fun Games to Try This Christmas

December 19, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

So there’s a Christmas party and everyone is very excited. The venue has been awesomely decorated and there’s a lot of food and drinks to be consumed. There are many activities that your guests could partake in. However, when the food has been eaten and everyone’s all chatty, there are still quite a number of things that could be done to keep your guests from feeling bored. You could all watch a movie together but after that one movie, usually, no one wants to watch another immediately. Granted, it’s possible to have a Christmas movie marathon but if that’s not the theme to your gathering, then games are the best way to keep everyone occupied and excited. If you’re looking for fun games to be played, here are a few that’ll get people in the mood.

Two Truths and a Lie

This is a very simple game where a participant says three statements with one of them being a lie. The other guests would have to guess which of the three statements the lie is. You can add a Christmas twist to it by giving it a theme and having participants give their statements around the theme. For example, you could say “Favourite Christmas Carol” and then have people give statements about their favourite Christmas Carol with one being a lie.

Memory Game

Here, you give a participant something to quickly memorise and then have them recreate what they have seen in the shortest possible time. For example, you could have a decorated Christmas tree, have a participant look at the tree for a few seconds and then remove the ornaments on the tree and see if they can remember where every piece goes.

Christmas Trivia

This is very easy because it only requires you to have a bunch of questions that test your guests’ knowledge about Christmas. You could do this in rounds and have a few questions per round with the questions becoming considerably tougher every round.

Santa Belly

This is a very simple game where everyone inflates a balloon and places it under their shirt to give the impression of a big belly like Santa Claus. When this is done, all participants are to keep their hands in their backs and on the start, everyone with a Santa Belly is required to burst the balloon without using their hands. The last person with a Santa Belly will have to undergo some sort of predetermined fun punishment.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

This can be done as a regular scavenger hunt with a Christmas theme to it. The story around the hunt can be tied to Christmas and you can place Christmas themed clues in strategic places around the venue. The scavenger hunt could end with the winner taking home a small gift. You can make this hunt fun by adding funny twists to it or by tweaking the regular Christmas storyline in a way that would excite any crowd.

Pretty much any game you choose can be worked to fit a Christmas theme. It would also be a lot of fun if the winner of each game wins a small gift. These gifts don’t have to be anything too serious or expensive. If you’re looking for ideas, feel free to check out The Works for gifts for winners of the Christmas party games.