Good Reasons to Replace Your Old Company Air Conditioner

March 21, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Sometimes we overlook the most important things in our business lives because there benefits are not obvious. We may take for granted a secretary who is always in the office on time or a cleaning staff that keeps the office spotless every working day of the week. We can also overlook the business machines that work hard all the time to keep us comfortable and able to do the amazing work we do so consistently. A good example of this is often our company HVAC unit which tirelessly keeps us cool and comfortable no matter the weather outside.

In reality, the HVAC that provides high quality air conditioning to your business is one of your company’s most vital belongings and all you need to happen is to have it fail for you to realize its importance. An HVAC unit is a big purchase for a company that when operating properly will do the difficult job of keeping you and your employees working optimally.

But it is important to make sure that your HVAC unit is operating properly and providing the type of service and benefits your business needs. When this is not the case you have a great reason to get a new one. Here are some reasons you may have to need or want a new HVAC unit.

You Want Some of the New Features Available

Like residential air conditioners, commercial HVACs now have a broad range of features allowing customers to tailor the unit around their cooling needs. Most of these units will be a ducted air conditioner, servicing several rooms in your business, and some will have no ducts and contain single units for different rooms. In the latter case, you can purchase units that have a multi-split system. This feature saves you money and improves efficiency because it only uses one compressor for every four room units. There are also reverse cycle air conditioners that also heat during the winter by efficiently drawing heat from outside. Yu save money on heating costs because of this. There are also features that allow you to schedule the time and level of cooling again saving you money.

You Want to Save Money

Purchasing a new HVAC unit is a considerable expense and one that should be considered thoughtfully. But you need to be aware that there is money savings involved as well. These units are constantly improving in efficiency and over the past decade or so, HVAC systems use much less energy, causing a large cost savings in electricity. In fact, today’s top quality air conditioning units use about 20% less energy than units manufactured only 15 years ago.

So purchasing a new HVAC unit will save you money every single month on one of your company’s largest monthly recurring bills. Efficiency ratings for an air conditioner is prominently displayed when you purchase. You can plan around the savings that these charts will indicate.

In addition to being more efficient new units are also green compliant meaning they release less fluorocarbons into the atmosphere and also use less fossil fuels.