Home remedies to get rid of headache

December 27, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Just like pregnancy digestion medicine you are likely to face headache problems during pregnancy. The medicine for digestion in pregnancy would provide you relief but you need to be aware on how to deal with the issue of headache when pregnant. But it has to be said that headaches are a nightmare when you are pregnant. The headache would be annoying in itself but when you are pregnant it would be very difficult to handle. You ought to consider the fact that headaches are common during the first trimester of pregnancy. A general tendency would be to pop out a medicine from an over the counter store when you are pregnant. Now the question is how you intend to cope up with headache when you are pregnant. You need to understand the common reasons of headache and how you can get rid of them.

The main reason for headaches is due to the occurrence of hormonal changes that arises inside your body. If you are suffering from frequent headaches during the first trimester of pregnancy it would subsidize in the second trimester of pregnancy once the pregnancy hormones go on to stabilize. It is not only hormonal activity but a host of other reasons that give rise to headaches when you are pregnant.

Increases in the blood sugar levels could be one of the reasons for headaches as well. Some of the other reasons are

  • If you figure out any fluctuation in the blood sugar levels it could lead to blood pressure
  • If you had a tendency of migraine before pregnancy. Then in the starting phase of pregnancy you are likely to face it.
  • A host of pregnancy symptoms like dehydration, exercise could lead to headache when you are pregnant.
  • The main cause of excessive intake of caffeine appears to be headache. If all of a sudden you go on to stop caffeine it can lead to a withdrawal symptom as well.
  • With stress it can pave way for a tension headache and can make the situation a lot worse
  • Around the nape of your neck you are going to feel a lot of pain. This could be at the base of the skull leading to a headache

Home remedies to get rid of headache


Opting for a massage at the back of your shoulders, neck or back would be a great way to get rid of migraine. But make it a point that a professional only undertakes this task that has a lot of experience in massaging pregnant women. You can opt for a massage with medicated oil that would relieve the pain. This massage would reduce the tension headache to a considerable extent.

Opt for a bath or shower

If you take a hot shower it can provide you temporary relief from headaches. To combat tension headaches you can splash cold water on the face.

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