Hotel Technology Trends that will Blow Your Mind in 2018

May 7, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Yesterday, when our business meeting postponed for a day, my colleague booked a room via mobile application and we headed towards the hotel. When reached, I asked for room keys to which the receptionist told that we already have keys with us. To my surprise, my colleague swiped his phone on the keyless pad and the room was unlocked.

It was the time I realized the influence of technology in the hotel industry.  A sector, where almost every work was done manually and hardship was the key to success, is now known for seamless and faster services – all thanks to technology. The technological innovations have completely revamped the hotel arena, especially the following 7 which you can consider as the most trending technology trends to watch out in hotel landscape this year:

Voice will become a Powerful Tool

While the world is planning for mobile-first experience, the voice-based search experience will hit enter the hotel industry. The technology will gain huge momentum with users making most of their queries via voice using smart assistants like Siri and Google Now.

The era of Smarter Rooms

From turning off light to changing temperature of the room, everything will be possible through smartphones with the evolution of IoT technology. Interactive mirrors/walls will be taken into practice which will act according to the gestures. And as already shared, there will be a rise in keyless locks with which guests will be able to enter their room conveniently.

Everything will be automated

The cloud computing technology will provide faster, secure and affordable solutions to the hotel industry. The hotel management will be able to store and employ data remotely. This will boost the affordability and prevent delay in deployment of the services. This way, the technology will ensure that the operational flexibility is made along with cutting down the investment made.

Intelligent Chatbots around

The chatbots will take the front seat in the reception area. They will interact with customers 24×7, make bookings, understand their behavior to provide a personalized experience, and respond to their queries. The AI-based bots will cater the needs of the guests while the hotel team focuses on the other aspects of the services. Besides, the bots on integrating with the top messenger apps will help the brands target a wider audience, engage them and earn higher revenue.

A boost to Energy Conservation

Ensuring sustainable use of energy without compromising on the guest experience remained a major issue for the hotels and restaurants. But, no more! With the evolution of IoT and other such technologies, it will be easier for the guests and hotel management team to regulate the use of the appliances and equipment wisely. For example: Motion sensor lighting system which turns the light ON when someone enters, the Smart thermostats that let the guest adjust temperature using their mobile phone, and Eco-friendly laundry units will be appreciated for saving energy and cutting down the cost, while maintaining a positive impression in the minds of the guests.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation will become more important than ever. The hotels and associated leaders will embrace the mobile app development technology and use referral marketing strategies to build customer loyalty and gain positive reviews. With this, they will strive to build their market reputation and reap higher benefits.

Blockchain will hit the Market

From supply chain to fraud detection, the blockchain technology will make the hotel management process seamless and effective. The technology, with its potential of the public and shared ledger, will enable the hospitality service providers to serve their guests and teams with exceptional information-sharing experience.

Besides the aforementioned most trending technology trends, many more technologies will shape the world of the hotel industry. These revolutionary innovations will streamline the whole process and boost the customer experience, but will also make it necessary for the hotel service providers to adopt these technologies at the earliest to remain in the market.