How Educational Programs in Dubai Can Help Your Child

August 20, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Learning starts right at birth but formal learning starts in school. Given that each person has dissimilar thinking capacity, preparing your child’s intellectual ability is vital to prepare him or her for school. Also, engaging your child in social activities is important so that problems regarding making friends at the start of schooling will lessen or be eliminated. In that way, your child will have an enjoyable start that he or she may be inspired to study hard.

It is necessary to measure and prepare your child for proper schooling with the help of ‘school readiness programs’. According to teachers who have undergone CACHE courses in Dubai, the mentioned programs aim to train your child to succeed in school covering different aspects such as cognitively, socially, and also emotionally. This is discouraging but parents, just like with daycare providers, pediatricians and preschool programs, must play an enormous role to be able to close such gap.

School readiness program benefits include well-equipped young children ready to learn and start kindergarten, affordable and quality early learning opportunities for average families, union of parents and child during curricular activities, and also providing information to parents regarding child’s development as well as family well-being.

The following are the aspects that every readiness programs targets to improve:

Physical Development – This majorly concerns movements, awareness of the body, and gaining a sense of space. Physical development also deals with ‘fine’ motor skills or ‘gross’ motor skills which refers to actions that requires muscle movements. Fine motor skills are precise movements while gross motor skills are larger movements.

Approaches to Learning – Includes activities which aims to motivate the learners, assist them on how to take responsibility of learning on their own and developing new thoughts and ideas as well.

Social and Emotional Development – Focuses on child’s management of emotions, expressions and the ability to establish positive relationships with others. A child with good social and emotional skills will potentially excel among others.

Language, Communication and Emergent Literacy – Speaking with proper use of language as well as reading and writing skills is one of the most important things every individual must have in order to express their ideas, and to communicate with others very well. Early development of these aspects results in great opportunities for a child.

Cognitive and General Knowledge – Encompasses a child’s knowledge of physical as well as social worlds. This also consists of cognitive mechanisms which support memory development, also reasoning and problem solving skills.

There are many educational centers throughout Dubai that offer readiness programs among young learners, and choosing the right one for your child can be quite challenging. In order to find the best center and people for your child, you should be able to consider three factors: experience, reputation, and results. Choose a school that has teachers that have taken CACHE courses in Dubai. Additionally, the center should have years of experience in handling programs to ensure that it is capable of educating your child the best way possible. The center should likewise have good standing in the educating industry. Lastly, it should be known for providing the best results among students to ensure that your money and your child’s effort are well compensated.

Readiness programs are important in ensuring your child’s education will go smoothly as possible. You should remember that education is very important for children during their formative years as what they learn from this stage in their lives will hone and shape their personalities. If you want your child to enjoy their schooling in the future, you should strongly consider enrolling him or her at a readiness program.