How To Be a Top Reseller Hosting Performer

December 6, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

You can earn a lot of money with a reseller web hosting account, if you know how to market your services. Leasing space on a web server from a reputable hosting company with reseller options allows you to sub-contract or lease extra space to other businesses and individuals. Reseller web hosting is a lucrative business and many resellers earn monthly income generally ranging in amount from enough to pay a bill each month all the way up to a full-time living. Read on to find out how to increase your reseller web hosting income and become a top performer with your web host.

Finding the Right Host

The most important factor that determines your success as a reseller hosting provider is the web host under which you choose to operate. Different web hosts have varying deals for reseller packages with a ranging level of profitability and features.

Find a host that you can trust will stay in business, has good server performance, and will maintain modern hosting technologies. This is essential because if your host has issues then your customers will likely reconsider renewing with you when their contract is complete.

You can determine a host’s quality by inspecting their terms and conditions, specifications, and promises of uptime. Look for a host with at least 98 percent uptime so that your customers don’t end up contacting you for downtime issues.

Make sure your potential reseller hosting company is keeping modern technology and web protocols so that websites hosted through your reseller services will load quickly and be immune to avoidable hacks and issues. Look for hosts that use SSD drives and offer lots of bandwidth.

Branding Your Reseller Web Hosting

In order to become one of the best performers with your reseller hosting service you need to create a solid branding structure. This includes making a logo, marketable name and slogan, and other branding-related media to showcase through your marketing and website.

Create a brief style guide for your marketing before you get started making any logos or advertisements. A good style guide contains fonts, color schemes, and other styling rules that help to make your content uniform in design. This will also help later on if you end up hiring designers or going a while between creating graphics so that everyone can be on the same page about which fonts to use.

Logos are fairly easy to make using a vector-based graphic tool like Inkscape. You can get a head start on your logo by using a royalty-free icon from Freepik or another vector graphic provider. The reason you’ll want to design your logos and graphics as vector images instead of raster is because you may want to scale them up or down later if you decide to print marketing media or make screen-wide advertisements.

Brand every area of your hosting that you can so customers see your company name wherever possible. Some reseller web hosts even allow you to brand the control panel and other content on the customer login page or billing area so you can avoid looking like you’re playing middle man to a retail-friendly host.

Top reseller web hosting performers also choose a clever, short domain name and company slogan to help customers recognize their branding over time. TLD domains tend to work best but there are hundreds of domain extensions to choose from if you’re looking for some room to be creative.

Marketing Reseller Web Hosting Services

After you’ve chosen the best reseller host you can find and created unique, powerful branding for your company there’s only one major variable left to consider when striving to be a top-ranked hosting reseller; marketing.

You’ll need to market your reseller services heavily; especially until your first dozen or so clients come in. Create a solid and sustainable marketing plan that can realistically reel some customers in for you in your first month. Spend at least a couple hours each day working on marketing your reseller services.

Top performers in the reseller industry have a few marketing-favorites that can help you along the way. First, consider taking out some ads through Google, Facebook, Instagram or another platform for your services. Tailor your ad settings so they are shown to small businesses and others that are likely in the most need of website hosting.

Another great way to market your services is through online discussions. Spread the word about your services to friends and associates by using social media or your personal blog. Direct current or potential website owners to your reseller brand by hyperlinking from these personal social platforms.

You can also join online communities where you are likely to find new clients. Places like Reddit or Tumblr are good for this, as many small business owners, bands, artists, photographers and others with pages on these platforms often don’t realize what a hosting service and professional website could do for their brand.

Implement these tips and methods to start out on the right track with your new reseller account or breathe new life into your existing reseller services. Don’t forget to branch out where you can by adding reseller web hosting services to your existing web design businesses or offering design services down the road if your primary business is to sell hosting. Many customers of each will be interested in the other service as well. Respond to customer issues quickly and professionally to retain the clients you earn and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a top reseller web hosting performer.