How To Encourage Your Child To Be Physically Active?

June 3, 2021 Tom Clark | Comments Off

According to the latest studies, only one in four children is physically active 60 minutes per day, which is the recommended minimum.

As children age and move up their grade, their levels of physical activity drop even further. Add to that the fact that children are becoming more and more addicted to smartphones and gaming consoles and that level goes down even worse.

That’s why it’s important for you as a parent to motivate and encourage your children to be physically active and adopt that habit even later into their life. We spoke to family-centered fun experts at Uptown Jungle Chandler and asked for advice on how you can get your kids hyped about exercise.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Stay Physically Active?

Physical activity should have your kids breathing heavily, get sweaty and just a little achy in their muscles. Staying active is one of the best ways to ensure your child stays healthy and has no issues growing up. It promotes muscle building, as well as healthy bone and joint development.

Staying fit also helps reduce the risk of conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease which can develop later in life. Overall, it is important for maintaining a healthy body mass index.

Finally, exercise is also extremely important for children’s mental health. Even after moderate physical activity your kids will fall asleep easier and get better sleep quality. It will also do wonders for their self-confidence and enthusiasm. It can help children excel in school and learn good behavior. Exercise will also teach your children the value of friendship and teamwork if they are participating in a group activity. Finally, it is great to battle tension, depression and anxiety.

How To Encourage My Kid To Exercise?

Here’s how a parent can educate and teach their kids the importance of regular physical exercise.

Have A Doctor Explain It To Them

Doctors has a lot of influence on our children and can explain the importance of exercise and physical activity from a professional point of view. Your pediatrician can help determine what type of physical activity is best for your child’s age and ability, so you know they are safe.

Show Them It Can Be Fun

Your child should participate in a physical activity they find fun for them. The more fun they have, the easier it will be to keep them consistent. If you can, have your entire family in on the fun. Not only will you set a good example, you’ll also get to spend some quality time together.

Set An Example

Children who see their parents working out and enjoying physical activity themselves are more likely to adopt this habit as well.

Provide The Right Equipment

Children will need the right equipment to stay active. This includes a variety of jump ropes, balls and other similar toys.

Make The Environment Safe

It’s very important for your children to stay safe while they are participating in any sort of sport or physical activity. Make sure they are wearing comfortable clothing and that they are safe in the environment you choose for physical activity.

Play With Them

Help your children practice a new sport or enjoy a different physical activity such as hiking, swimming, riding a bike or just walking.

Set The Boundaries

It’s easy for children to get lost in time playing games. This is why you need to set some clear boundaries. Make sure their TV and video game time is limited and save some of their free time for physical activity as well.

Do Not Overdo It

Any physical activity your children participate in should not hurt them. If it does, they should slow down or try something that requires less physical effort. Too much physical activity can also be harmful. If your child gets tired too fast or cannot even participate in light physical activity for too long talk to your doctor to determine the cause.