How to Find Motivation and Succeed in Life

December 5, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Many of you will certainly have asked this question at least once in your life, but if you have not yet given an answer, maybe it’s time to stop for a moment to reflect and try to understand what is wrong with your life or in yourself, in your own attitudes, what is the reason for your failures or your dissatisfaction.

We all need to find the motivation to do anything: but what is the substantial difference between a person who acts with strong motivation and another demotivated?

Those who cannot find the motivation in life do not believe in what he does, he moves without a goal or objective, is devoid of stimuli and thus will fail to succeed.

Who does not find the motivation in doing things: cannot see beyond their negativity, is so focused on the imminent gesture, on the action that is performed in the present that their perception of things is distorted and: cannot look at the effects to long-term of what it can achieve.

The classic example of those who do a job that does not love: does not find the motivation because it focuses on the contingent moment and does not think about what it is doing today can benefit him in the future: cannot grasp the positivity of being able to make a profit at the end month and every gesture is accompanied by negative thoughts that obviously can never lead him to succeed.

This is what differentiates the reactive attitude from the proactive one: those who behave in a proactive way do not let the events govern his life but take control and do not allow anyone else or something else to decide for him, he becomes the master of his life, chooses what life to lead and comes more easily to success.

Who chooses to be reactive in life does not find the motivation to deal with situations because he cannot make decisions, let events decide, rather we will tell you more: building in the mind of negative focus is as if he were waiting for an unpleasant event, an unexpected event to attribute to external factors the guilt that everything goes wrong, but we are only the architects of our destiny!

How then to find the right motivation that drives us and ferries us to success?

  • Proceed with small steps: it is not easy to turn away from our beliefs and attitudes rooted for some time, but we do not have to pretend to do it all at once! You need to make a little effort every day. You can study motivational quotes every day. It is what the Japanese call “Kaizen”, a gradual and constant improvement that grows over time, dictated by the belief that to succeed in life one must and can always and constantly improve trying to change one’s work and point of view for gradually getting results!
  • Using creativity: tackling what you are doing without any stimulation, passively and without motivation will never lead us to success because it will not lead us to any growth but in the long run, will only cause dissatisfaction. Let us then commit ourselves to stimulate our creativity, we continually try to open the mind to new directions, new ideas, new ways of doing things, we try to be proactive. We will also gain confidence in our abilities and we will have new incentives to move forward. Using wallpapers with motivational quotes is a fantastic and great idea to be proactive about our lives.
  • To believe in oneself and to be positive: only those who firmly believe in their abilities and have a strong self-esteem can be convinced of what they do and will carry it forward with confidence, will find the right inspiration is motivational quotes and will go towards success.
  • Set goals and strive to achieve them: we have already seen previously that to achieve personal goals you need to work on yourself recognizing your limits and appreciating your own qualities. But that’s not all: having goals also means creating positive focuses, we must try to create winning images of ourselves in our minds, only in this way can we have stimuli, find motivation and be successful in life.