How To Wear Velvet In The Right Fashionable Way?

October 24, 2018 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Velvet may not be the type of material that you choose first when shopping around, but this somehow luxurious fabric is getting really trendy nowadays. And even though it looks quite luxurious and is often believed to be worn only on special occasions, there are many ways of how to wear velvet as part of your everyday looks. You can wear it bold or subtle, and in both ways you will make a statement. Below you will find some useful tips of how to pull off velvet in both of these ways, as well as some tips of how to take care of your velvet clothing so go on and keep on reading to find them.

Wear it bold

If you are into the mood of pulling off the velvet trend completely, then how about you go for a velvet suit. This is great way of how to wear velvet in the office. You will have a professional and polished look that will turn heads for sure. Go for a navy or black one and combine it with a white shirt. Another way to make a statement with velvet is to go for a velvet dress. You can choose from versatile designs and styles as well as colors. One such dress can be perfect for some special occasion, or you can even find a more casual one that can be part of your everyday look.

Wear it subtle

If wearing a suit or dress is too much velvet for you, then you can choose to wear it more subtle. For instance, you can go for a velvet top, pants or a skirt. This luxurious fabric is the best choice for adding texture to monochromatic outfits. For example, if you are pulling off an all black outfit, go for a velvet blazer instead of a cotton one. You can also combine velvet with lace or leather, so go on and try playing with different textures. One such combo can be a velvet top, a leather skirt and over the knee boots. This is one of the must have combos for this season that will turn heads for sure.

Taking care of velvet clothing

Velvet is a kind of delicate fabric that requires different care than cotton does. So, it is important to know of how to take care of velvet clothing in the right way, so that they can last longer. Most velvet clothing pieces will require a dry clean only, so you better follow this instruction. Some velvet clothes can be washed too, but you should make sure to turn it inside out, so that you don’t rub the pile side directly. Use a gentle detergent and go for hand washing instead of using the washer and dryer. And when it comes to storing velvet clothing, don’t fold them, but instead hang them on a padded hanger to prevent any folding lines.

Choose smooth velvet

Velvet can be found in versatile designs, from crushed or crinkled to smooth one. The best choice is definitely smooth velvet. It will look and feel amazing. And in terms of color, you can again go for any color you like. Dark tones such as black and navy are the most common choice. But if you want to make a bigger statement, you can go for some jewel shades that are quite trendy this season too.

So, how about you try to follow the latest fashion trends and pull off a velvet look? Weather you do it bold or subtle, you will for sure turn heads, so do not wait any more but go on and buy your favorite velvet piece of cloth.