Industrial Robots; What Are They?

June 11, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

The term industrial robot is used to refer to the robot arm that is normally used in factories as an aid in manufacturing applications. In the past, robots were classified into different criteria depending on their brand, the type of movement they use or the mode of operation they use – either parallel or serial.

Each robot has its own unique application. In simple terms, this is the specific job that a robot has been designed for. While designing, each model is given its own specific requirements. For instance, there are those that need a small workspace and those that need a larger one.

In many cases, parallel industrial robots occupy a small working space but are very fast. Some people refer to parallel robots as spider robots. They normally appear like many arms working together with control from a central point which is the robot tool. Parallel robots have high accelerations.

Serial robots have a series of linkages from the base to the main robot tool. They are the most common.

Introducing Collaborative Robots

The latest category of robots is the collaborative industrial robots. Some refer to them as co-bots. As suggested in the name, these types of robots can safely work with humans as the co-workers. Collaborative robots are designed in a way that factors in important safety measures that restrains them from causing any harm to human being. Unlike many traditional robots that need to be fenced away to avoid any harm to human, collaborative robots can share the same working space with human co-workers. The co-bots are fitted with safety sensors that follow the programming of an operator.

Factors That Determine the Cost of an Industrial Robot

The cost of industrial robots has gone down by over 20 percent since 2014. According to predictions, these prices are likely to go down further in 5 years’ time.

The total cost of an industrial robot system is determined by the price of all its other accessories such as the industrial robotic arm, the controllers, software etc. There are times when the prices shoot after including the costs of all these peripherals.

It is advisable to buy a used industrial robot system because it comes at a lower cost.

The robots that are normally used in learning institutions are sold at a cheaper price and can be acquired at around $1,500 or even less, however, these are not designed for heavy tasks that are the norm in industrial applications.

Co-bots cannot match the power or speed of traditional robots but they are available at relatively low prices. A complete collaborative robot can be acquired for as low as $40,000 or below.

Benefits of Using Robots in Industrial Production

There are many benefits of using the robot technology in production. These include:

  • Robots are keen to precision than humans
  • They work at a constant speed anytime, any day, no sick offs, no holidays. If given a 24/7 programming, robots will run nonstop.
  • They can work on tasks that are considered dangerous for humans because they are adjusted depending on the nature of the task at hand.
  • They provide work that is of high quality and timely, for instance, using robots for packaging gives end products that are finely packed.
  • There is no risk of injury while lifting heavy loads
  • They save the time and increase productivity because they are able to produce many products within a short time. In the long run, this saves the company money.
  • They create employment for programming professionals

Robots Are Not Eliminating Human Manpower

Critics of the robot technology argue that robots are cutting down on the employment opportunities especially for people in the manufacturing sector. While this argument may be perceived as true, it is not. By speeding up a certain production stage using the robot technology, workers are left with more time to handle other tasks such as brand marketing which are equally important for the business.

Robots also create employment for people who are knowledgeable in programming and general maintenance of the robots.

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