Is It Viral Yet? Is It Viral Yet?

September 27, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

When making a video marketing campaign, going viral should never be the main objective. However, the term ‘going viral’ has exploded. Some of the common stats that marketers hear include the fact that:

• Five billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.

• At least 1200% shares are generated through social videos compared to texts and images.

• Adding videos to your landing page can increase your conversions by at least 80%.

• At least 80% of internet users can recall at least a video ad they saw online in the previous month.

Well, if that’s the situation in the market, you need to know the best video marketing practices. That way, you can achieve your objectives with video marketing and push your social media marketing forward. Here are some useful tips for creating inspiring, compelling and actionable videos to share online.

1. The Video Should Be Centred on the Story, not the Sale

The internet is full of sales ads and videos which are quite annoying and might repel your customers. Don’t let your brand follow the same suit. Rather, you should create your videos that are centred on the story and not selling your products. The same rules apply to content marketing, where you should concentrate on the value you are offering your customers. Videos have an emotive power so you should take advantage of this and appeal to your customers’ needs or hidden desires. Are you worried that you will lose a lot of leads by following this rule? Well, you can place a relevant and strategic call-to-action at the end of the video on a tracked URL to your website; make this is top notch too as you want people to stay once they’ve clicked-through. For help here appoint a website design agency Hampshire.

2. Your Video Feature Should Be the Most Exhilarating 10 Seconds

At least 1/5 of the people who come across videos will click away after 10 seconds or less. Well, if you want to capture their attention, make sure your videos are short and straight to the point. You need to get right into the story and manage your viewers’ expectations within the first 5 to 10 seconds. You can spark the viewer’s curiosity by asking questions or using teasers. Once someone opens the video, they should get the answer to why they should watch it, immediately. For instance, should a person watch the video because it is funny or will inspire him/her to act or because they will learn something new?

3. Use Some Humour and Avoid Boring Videos

When creating corporate videos, most people are scared of using humour since they feel it doesn’t belong there. However, you can use it if it helps you get a point across economically and efficiently. Remember, your audience want to laugh and feel enlightened. You need to take advantage of these videos to pull them escape the everyday. Using the right captions will help you get out of your comfort zone and in the open mode. Here, you can be playful, have fun and not worry about anything. It’s a great place to create new and innovative ideas to make your videos go viral.

4. Optimise Your Video for SEO

There are many tactics out there you can use to improve the visibility of your video on the search engines. First, you need to excavate the maximum SEO value from your video, right before you upload it to the sharing sites. Simply put, you need to host it on your own domain for the best results. Make sure you have enabled the embedding feature on your video. That way, you can increase any inbound marketing links effortlessly. Don’t forget about using the right descriptions because they can make or break your video. Note that, Google’s algorithm crawls through descriptions so they can understand your video and its contents. In conclusion, video marketing involves using the shortest videos, optimising them and using the right content for the best results!