Isn’t instagram blue tick is for celebrity only not for a brand?

October 25, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

The blue tick is not only for celebrity or popular figures to get a verification of your account, the business brands can get their account verified easily with few step processes for registration.

Why would I waste time on registration for the brand?

It is no hidden secret from anyone that with a verification badge on your Instagram account comes the authenticity, people might be following some other account believing that the account is your brand and you are losing so many of them to that account which is not at all real. You would not let others have, for what you have been working so hard over these many years. Once you get a badge that makes sure that you are originally user and attracts people to follow you, you can promote your brand items easily with the verified badge sign next to your username.

How to get an Instagram blue tick for a business account?

For business account verification you can follow these steps:

Download the application from the app store, Google play store, your windows play store or any store of your phone, you can download the application from the official site always.

Press sign up, enter your email address and press tap next, you have special login or SignUp option available where you can enter your Facebook id and rest will be done easily, although you will have to get your account and phone number verified later according to your will.

Once that you have opened the application you will find setting option on the top of your account majorly under the three dot section, scroll through the setting and there you will be able to switch to the business account, with a business account, you can add information about your contact number, official email address, your business hours and you can link your account to Facebook pages.

An insight of making sure you are doing it right:

You should keep your instagram username same as that you are having on other sites with any other information that is available on your bio is your website which you can change any time for any kind of promotional event or item.

You can fill your bio with the details about your work and what you will be providing them for an instance if you are a clothing brand mention which age group, gender can opt for your specific clothing brand. You should probably be keeping the logo of your business as your profile photo on the account.

You can always check how much your engagement is with the insight option coming along with a business account creation. Make sure that you use every feature of instagram to attract more people. Use proper hash tags that are in trend, keep posting with great stuff every day does not go for paid promotions as that might not be providing you a badge as the policy searches for the real news about your brand. Get your instagram blue tick.