It’s Time to Start Your Shooting Training. Stop Wasting Time!

February 22, 2020 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Information is scarce, there is often some prejudice, others have the idea that it is impossible to reach the sport. Do you know what we’re talking about? Yes, we are talking about how a shooting training works.

If you follow our posts, you know that we have already spoken here about the current condition of regulation, which can be beyond extensive, complex and very restrictive. Even today there is little in-depth information on the subject on the internet, only clubs and portals very committed to the sport tend to approach the subject in a didactic way so that all those interested can join without fear or doubts in the sport of shooting.

What types of shooting trainings will you encounter?

Basic:  The basic level shooting training is suitable for people who have had little or no contact with firearms. It will cover all the basic principles of shooting and handling firearms and magazine loader for AK 47, up to their safety rules, the process of acquiring and presenting models and calibers.

Intermediate: The intermediate shooting training is aimed at improving and updating techniques, skills and methodology for the practice of sports shooting, especially for those who have already had some kind of contact with the shooting sport environment. It is an approach to high risk concepts and defensive tactics to train students in real situations.

Advanced: The advanced shooting training has the main objective of improving and amplifying the technical capacity and tactical knowledge of the participant for the practice of sport shooting, private security and other purposes.

The advanced level guarantees the student a more effective performance, with a higher level of precision in dangerous conditions. In this model of training we also work with greater intensity the work of self-control under pressure and stress, focusing on the target in different environments and different combative tactics.

Defense shot: This training model has the main objective of enabling the candidate to handle his firearm in situations of imminent danger to his life, or of a third party, in legitimate defense. The training has the most complete repertoire to make the candidate happy to act in various situations with responsibility towards society.

Main benefits of the shooting training

In addition to being a sport highly geared to the defense of heritage, professional development, and personal development, the practical shooting sport involves a number of other benefits for the mind and body so that it is able to make each individual in society prepared to act in extreme circumstances in the most diverse areas of your life.