Java vs JavaScript: Most Important Comparison You Should Know

December 22, 2021 | Comments Off

Are you new to the programming world? If yes, you are surely confused about which languages exist and which one(s) you should learn. There will be 500+ programming languages, and these are increased per day. But the decision to use any programming language will depend on your interest. Also, what you want to build and can also depend on personal preference. As you explore new languages, you may hear about Java and JavaScript. They both share a similar name, but there is a difference between Java Vs JavaScript?

For example:- 

Java is to JavaScript as the car is to carpet. 

 They are not connected in any way. Obviously, they both share the same word, “Java”, in their names. But each language has its syntax, plugins, frameworks, and other features. We’ll present a brief overview of both languages in this blog and some of the similarities and differences between them.


Java is a popular and versatile programming language. Sun Microsystems first released Java in 1995. It is a server-side, class-based, and object-oriented programming language. Java ran on a virtual machine environment and promised: “write once, run anywhere.”

Example of Java Code:

Java syntax is similar to C++. Therefore, if you have written any program in C++, then you surely see some similarities between the syntax of each language. 

A small hello world example of Java :


JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language. Although it was originally designed for client-side development, projects like NodeJS and PhoneGap have extended its scope to include server-side and mobile development. JavaScript is an easy-to-learn language for people interested in generating dynamic web pages because it is generally easier to use than Java.

There is no need to compile JavaScript code to run it. You just write a JavaScript snippet and then embed it in HTML, either by calling it externally from a.js file or by inserting the code directly into your HTML document.

Example of JavaScript Code:

Like the code before, the code below shows how to create a simple “Hello World” in JavaScript. The JavaScript is included within the <html> and </html> elements, and it starts at <Script> and ends at <Script>.

Similarities between Java vs JavaScript

As we have already discussed, both Java and JavaScript are absolutely unrelated. However, they share some similarities because they are both programming languages used in web/app development. Overall, there aren’t many similarities between Java vs JavaScript. Both are object-oriented programming languages that are used in web development. Java and JavaScript can both run on servers and in browsers, and they both offer libraries and frameworks to help in the execution of our programmes. Let’s look at the key differences between these two widely used programming languages.

These are some of them:

  • Both Java and JavaScript can run on the server. 
  • Both can be accessed with a web browser (Java achieves this in the form of applets)
  • Both have many frameworks and libraries.
  • A significant web development community surrounds both.

Differences between Java vs JavaScript

Now that we’ve looked at some of the similarities between Java vs JavaScript, we’ll take a look at some key differences. These are some of them:

Compiled languageInterpreted language 
Static type checkingDynamic type checking
Worked on back-end Worked on front-end

The syntax is similar to C++
The syntax is similar to C 

Executed in a virtual machine environment

Executed in any browsers 
Used for creating apps Used for creating web pages 

Which one is better for you between Java vs JavaScript?

Java vs JavaScript both languages are widely used programming languages. But the decision is up to you which one is better for you. 

If you want to work on web development, you should go with JavaScript. 

As JavaScript is faster than Java in Web applications. But, if you want to work on Andriod app development, you should choose Java. 

Another advantage of JavaScript is that it takes less time to create. However, Java is the best solution for large and complex desktop and mobile software.


As we have discussed already, there is a significant difference between Java vs JavaScript. Although they have some similarities, they are not related or similar. In terms of relationship and ownership, the two languages are absolutely unconnected. Both languages are valuable and high in demand. The choice is yours to choose any language to learn.

Both Java and JavaScript have their benefits and drawbacks. It all depends on the type of work you’re performing and the goals you want to achieve. Java is a good choice if you’re working with Android apps, scientific computing, big data analytics, or general-purpose programming. JavaScript is a good choice if you’re working on dynamic web page apps, front-end technology, or mobile app development. Overall, it’s essential to analyse your project or work and study to ensure you’re using the correct language.