Keeping yourself safe in the business of trading

September 11, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

While you are running a business, you have to be cautious of it. Because you might have a profound market for the product you are selling. Or the business of yours might be on the startup. Until the business is established, you cannot put everything into it at once. It is called playing safe in the beginning. Like keeping a backup, if something goes wrong and you have to lose the investment in a certain batch of product. You have to play safely in the batch size that you are producing too. Because anything left behind will not make you money. And, it will be a waste of time and money. So, you have to be cautious while running a business. In the case of trading business, you have to be cautious too. But, you might not have any idea of how to be cautious in this business. Let us help you with some suggestions from ourselves. If you can apply what we are discussing in this article, your trading will surely be safer than before.

Using stop losses

Stop losses is a technique for giving limitation of how much you want to lose. When you open a trade you will see that there are two features of that trade in the trading platform. One is to take profit and the other one is stop loss. We will discuss take profit later. Now let’s discuss stop losses. It is the threshold set by you according to your interest. When a trade with stop loss reaches that limit you set by yourself, it will automatically close itself. You don’t have to be stay alert for closing it. It is like playing safe and giving all the pressure to the automation. Normally, stop losses should be set a little bit lower than the price during the trade’s opening. Because sometimes, markets tend to act opposite of the condition suitable for you and start working on your side.

Avoid the high impact news

The high impact news might be a golden opportunity to make money but the profitable UK traders often ignore news trading. They don’t like to risk huge any amount of money in such a volatile market. Instead of placing trades during the news, wait in the sideline and look for potential trade setup in your online trading platform. You need to use technical and fundamental data to ensure quality trade execution. Things might be a little bit confusing for the novice traders but in such case, it’s better to avoid trading during the news. Forex trading is one of the riskiest professions in today’s world. You can’t make any significant progress without the following discipline. So act accordingly.

Decent profit margin

Trading is not meant to be for making money. It is mainly about the experience of knowledge. The more you can gather these things, the more you can profit afterward. Because established traders with established trading edge and skills will be able to make a lot with their performance. But, that takes time and patience. So, in the beginning, you should not aim for more money. Your target should be a decent margin like 1:2. It means that you are trading with 1 and aiming for a profit of 2. This risk to profit ration shows that you are giving a decent performance in this business. For the startup, decent performance is really helpful because that means you are not trying too hard to make money. You are focusing on improving your trading efficiency. And, that is good for your future. And, use take profit for your help. It like the same as stop loss. But, it works with the amount of profit. When your trades manages to make a significant amount of profit which is 2R, it will automatically close itself. Thus, you can manage to make a decent trading strategy.