Know About Billdu Invoices software

May 16, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Are you fed up with the excel sheets and paper bookings? Or you have already been looted by the invoicing software and service providers by their messed up databases and lost records online. Billdu Invoicing software will let you create beautiful and customized order templates in just a few seconds to your convenience. The logos and signatures can be added by a click over the selected area, no strings attached. Also, it is convenient and looks more professional with dozens of added features in the new version, you can manage it quite easily, don’t bother to write the recurring order every time, save it and you won’t need to write the same order time and again. Billdu Online invoice software will produce delivery notes, orders, and estimates all with the same and simpler interface designed for not-so-professionals and accountants. Billdu is serving around 80,000+ local businesses worldwide and thousands of positive ratings.

With Billdu Invoice software, it will become easier to track your business profiles, expenses, and every messy stuff that cannot be done with your worn out invoicing system. Group all your clients and don’t dig deeper than you need; the software will store and sort every bit of your bill into categories. Recurring businesses and business expense tracking will make your life easier. The additional snapping feature will make your recurring expenses and bills get tracked easily, attach the snaps to your bills and convert them to tabular form later.

If you are using Billdu software for quite a while, there may be a glitch tracking your company’s previous performances, who’s ordering what, the profit chart, and company’s graph towards growth. It’s simple, click on the charts and reports panel and view weekly, monthly, and yearly charts relating invoices, expenses, and balances, it will really help track your business’s expenses and profits/losses during the time period. Charts will show you who owes you how much, who was punctual in delivering the payments and all the related reports that matter. Online payments section is easier than all of the invoice software online. There’s a Pay button on every online invoice, it will ask for payment methods i.e. via credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Paying online via an invoice software had never been this easier.

Billdu software has a customized team manager access; for more than one users or a team, create a teamwork portal and make them access the Billdu software by providing them different managing roles to run the business. The privacy is maintained by customized logins and password management to all the users. If you are going to perform an audit of your small-scale or medium-scale business by providing access to the online Billdu invoice software portal. There’s a lot of money and time saved by Billdu software, your account won’t have to come over to scratch the paperwork, everything would be online, safe and secure. Multi-language invoice and audit reports can be prepared with Billdu, the embedded tax calculator will create a tax statement for every invoice and receipt in your local currency. If you are willing to apply discounts and sales on your items, do it with few clicks to all the upcoming invoices.