Know More About The Features of Tubemate

March 15, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Can you name a single thing that is not available online and cannot be downloaded to your device?None is the answer. In today’s digital world, there is nothing which cannot be accessed or downloaded on your device for your convenience. The world has become considerably small and is on your fingertips. You can access matter online using the internet, listen to songs, watch movies and also shop for your necessities online, but there are a number of things that you wish you save it in your device so that you can access it later at any time you want without the need of internet. Many provisions and apps are there to help download the things you need to save for offline use. With the 9apps apk download, you can download many apps that are not available for download on the play store.

Why should you choose 9apps download over other apps?

 With a wide range of third-party apps being available fromwhere various other apps can be downloaded, 9apps in considered the best as there are many salient features that other app lack. Moreover, it is easy to download and use. 9apps is the best alternative for play store that has coverage over innumerable apps and also over the ones which are not available on play store.

Are the apps paid? Is there any registration cost?

 No. None of the apps from the 9apps and paid, rather the ones which are paid on the play store are available for free 9apps. There is no registration required and neither there is a registration cost or any rental charges. It works absolutely free and is compatible with almost all devices.

Is there an app that allows download of youtube video to the device?

Yes,the answer is Tubemate. Tubemate is a third-party app which helps you download videos from a wide range of video sites includingyoutube, which has manycopyrights which does not allow easy download of its videos. There are many download sites which download videos from various apps but not youtube. With tubemate, you can easily download any video you need.

 How to use tubemate to download videos?

First, you need to download the tubemate app from the 9apps. Secondly to download a video, browse for the app you want on the youtube app and select the share option. Amongst the options, select tubemate, select the quality of video and press download. This will download your video to your device.

 Is it safe to use tubemate?

It is completely safe and there is no risk to your privacy. Plus, it is easily downloadable and has a very small size and therefore does not occupies much of your phone memory space.

 Is it free?

 Sure it is. Download and usage everything is free. Also, there is no limit to use. It can be used unlimitedly and infinitely. It is one of the widely used video downloader apps.