Know Why Volkswagen Service Is the Best

July 31, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Are you a proud owner of a Volkswagen car? If yes, then you will definitely know how exciting it feels to drive one and feel like the king of the roads. The cars of this legendary company have always been the most loved for their customer delight. The safety and reliability they offer are often unparalleled. Yet, as even the fittest of bodies face ailments, the cars can also break down sometimes. This requires a quick service to turn around the cars. Volkswagen service is something that every Volkswagen customer boasts about and if you have not heard about it much, then it’s time to know about it.

Benefits of the Volkswagen service

The service centres of Volkswagen are the best places for car service. Let’s discuss why.

  • Wide network of service parts: The network of service parts for the cars is quite huge. You will find around 2 warehouses in major cities, which are part of the Volkswagen service center. These can provide parts for servicing on time and some of them may even have express service facilities, though it is limited to key places only.
  • Environmental-friendly networks: The Volkswagen service centres are also known to be quite eco-friendly. You can see that all service centres are ISO 14001 certified and this ensures that these centres adhere to the highest levels of commitment towards the environment. The service centres also use waterborne paints for repair of cars. Most of the centres also have the facilities of waterless car wash.
  • Qualified personnel: The personnel involved in service of cars are quite well trained and well-qualified for the job. There are a number of training academies on regional level that can train around 2000 people. This ensures that the people who touch your car for repair are the best doctors for automotive. The extensive training modules ensure that these people get acquainted with each detail of automobile repair.
  • Service benefits: The warranty system of the cars is also stunning. For the new vehicles, you have a 2-year warranty for unlimited kilometres. Moreover, there is also a warranty of 6 years on perforation damage and 3 years warranty on paint. You also get a free RSA for 2 years within your warranty period. The inspection for the first 6 months or the first 7500 km is free too. This makes the Volkswagen service centres the best in their class.
  • Customer support: The kind of customer support you get 24/7 is just amazing. Moreover, the roadside assistance is quite good. Many car drivers are satisfied with the experience of the car service on the roadsides. The Volkswagen cars also remind you of service through periodic SMS which also tells about the status of the vehicle during the ongoing service. The pickup and drop facilities are also quite convenient.
  • Express services: The Express Service is available only at some prime locations. you don’t have to wait so much and get the servicing done at regular service centre. The servicing quality is never compromised.

How to Reach Out A Repair Service Centre

The Volkswagen service facility is easy to get. You can reach out to the Volkswagen service center in any of the three ways. You can either call them up, email them or even drop into their authorized service anytime. The timings of the service centre have to be seen though. The quality of service is top-notch and this must give you confidence in the Volkswagen car you have bought or the one that you are going to buy soon. Be a part of the Volkswagen family and enjoy the best service from the company.