Mercedes Benz Tuneup: Here’s What You Need To Know

December 19, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

So you’ve finally got your dream car. It’s a Mercedes Benz, and like any Mercedes owner, you’d want to keep it in good running condition for the longest time possible. But for an automobile of this caliber, thorough and regular maintenance is required. This will also be helpful if you wish to avoid to unnecessarily buy Mercedes parts and spend money on damages that could’ve been prevented.

What to Expect in a Mercedes Tune-up

When it comes to maintaining a Mercedes, one of the basics you need to be familiar with is the tune-up. This process is performed by a professional technician as part of your car’s 90,000-mile maintenance. Apart from doing a complete inspection (e.g., checking of tire pressure, fluids, belts, and lights, doing an oil change, installing a new air filter), a technician might also change some parts (e.g. Spark plugs, rotor).

After a tune-up, you can expect a Mercedes to deliver a smooth and more efficient performance.

Tell-tale Signs that Your Mercedes Needs a Tune-up

Tune-up isn’t only done after the required 90,000-mile maintenance. At some point in your car’s life, it will tend to give out signs that it needs to receive some servicing from an automotive technician. If you observe any of these from your Mercedes, have it professionally checked and diagnosed first before going to a car center to buy Mercedes parts yourself.

You hear a rattling engine noise

When you start your engine and you hear a rattling noise — and it lasts for more than 15 seconds — it means that something is off with your car’s water pump pulley. To avoid overheating, it’s better to resolve this issue immediately.

Your tire tread doesn’t wear out evenly

A tire tread is intended to wear out evenly. If you see that a tire is wearing out more quickly than others, there must be a problem with your automobile’s wheel alignment.

You see a red fluid pooling in the area where your car is parked

Have you ever seen a red fluid pooling in your garage? This is probably because of a transmission leak from your Mercedes. Get your car tuned-up, let a technician inspect your transmission pan seal and address it accordingly.

You observe a light popping up on your car’s instrument cluster

Any light that would pop up on the instrument cluster is a sign that something should be inspected on your car. Whether it’s the check engine light or the oil light that gave you a signal, don’t delay get your car into a shop.

Taking Proper Care of Your Mercedes

Who would want to unnecessarily buy Mercedes parts if the damage could have been prevented by taking proper care of your prized vehicle? To lessen your repair and service expenses, keep these things in mind:

* Make it a habit to clean your car, keeping it free of dirt and other debris

* Always check the levels of your fluids (e.g. Brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid)

* Inspect your tires and rotate them every six months

* Keep your car inside a garage or keep it covered to protect it from elements like rain or hail

* Always go to the scheduled maintenance

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