Modification of Child Custody

July 10, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Navigating issues of child custody can be extremely difficult. Both parents naturally want to make the negative experience as easy as possible on their children but they also both want to spend as much time with their children that they can before they grow up and leave the family home. It is a painful situation for all those involved. This can often be one of the most difficult aspects of divorce. One aspect of child custody negotiations is when relocation becomes involved. The possibility of one parent moving miles away can make things tricky and cause further upset for the child or children involved. It may be that the previous child custody agreement needs to be modified and rethought to make sure that the needs of the child are still being met. This is a long process if both parents do not agree on a new solution to the custody agreement. If things are civil then there can be a very calm and agreeable talks and meetings about how to modify the child custody case. Either way, some people may not know why child modification needs to be taken to the courts or they may not know how to go about it or what child custody modification even entails. This article aims to change the hole in the knowledge of the general public regarding modification or relocation of child custody.

Circumstances change in everybody’s life and they are simply unavoidable. This does not change just because you are a divorced or single parent. Job opportunities can arise in different districts or perhaps a loved one is sick and needs you to move in with them for a short time. The most typical situations that arise in child modification custody orders are the death of a parent, trouble finding suitable child care or if the child is actually in physical or emotional danger. The court that presides over the modification of generally decide the same sort of factors to modify the order of custody, the most important factor is of course what is best for the child or children involved. Both parents will maybe need to give testimony and evidence to really determine if a new modification is in fact required and how they should proceed with the modification process going forward. Of course child custody agreements should always be looked at as time goes on and as the child ages, just to make sure the agreements still work best with everyone involved as these things can shift with time.

When it comes to relocation, the court will have a special hearing. In actuality, a parent cannot move without notifying the courts. The parent that is moving will also have to follow very strict regulations that are ordered by the court and will have to notify both the judge and the other party before they will be granted permission to move to another district. The best interests of the child will once again be brought into question.