NFL Games: How to Bypass Geo-blocking, Avoid Blackouts and Stream all 256 games

September 26, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Football is one of the most sought-after games that the Americans love. With the power of the internet, streaming is now possible in every household not only in the U.S. but to the rest of the world as well. All you need to have is a game pass that will give you access to the live games. Will this be another win for The Philadelphia Eagles? If not, what will be the team that would steal the crown?

Blackouts on the U.S. NFL Game Pass

The U.S. NFL game pass is the official NFL streaming platform exclusively for fans in the states. By default, you would think that this domestic paid subscription gives the largest live and replay coverage, but as counter-intuitive as it sounds, the U.S. game pass is a lot more restrictive than the international one. Here’s what you’ll be missing on the local pass:

  • Preseason games can only be streamed if it’s NOT aired on local television
  • No access to regular and postseason games live stream
  • Restrictive trial pass: game will only be available 72 hours after it’s aired on the NFL Network

In view of the geo-restrictions, you’ll want to get a VPN, connect to an external locale, and get the international ‘Season Plus’ Game Pass instead.

The best International Season Plus Game Pass to get

There are different rates for the same international game pass depending on where you’re buying it from. Here are our top country picks:


Server Locations



Price for Season Plus Game Pass (Subscription is until July 2019)  




Australia, Mexico, Philippines, and South Africa


●        No geo-restrictions

●        Access to live games and on demand.

●        Stream NFL films and archives.

●        Access to 256 games, Playoffs, and Super Bowl LIII




●        Stable and reliable connection


●        Best Value



Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan






●        Best Price


How should I choose my VPN?

When choosing a VPN to watch your international NFL Game Pass with, always choose one that offers unlimited bandwidth and blazing speeds for seamless streaming. This is surely not something that a free service could provide. When you use a free service, you are the commodity. You might be bombarded with ads or have your traffic sold to corporates, advertisers or even governments. Don’t risk your privacy and security for a bit of entertainment. Invest in a trustworthy VPN – a few dollars per month is a small price to pay compared to what you might lose without one. If you’re not sure which of the top providers to pick, jump on their 30-day free trial. You can pick a few and rotate them to get a few months of free service if you use them back-to-back. But of course, it would be more sensible to settle with one that you feel most comfortable with eventually.

Which country’s server should I connect to?

Be mindful of which virtual location you choose before subscribing to an International Season Plus Game Pass, because once you sign up from that locale, NFL recognizes you as a static user from the area, and you’ll be stuck with it until the pass expires. Consider these when choosing your connecting country:

  1. Connection reliability
    • Connect to that VPN location, stream something in HD to test it out
  2. Presence of server bans
    • Ask customer service if a server works for your content platform of choice or try it out with a trial pass yourself. Certain VPN servers can be blocked occasionally.
  3. Server load
    • A high server load can affect your stream speed. If you’re experience a lot of lags, try to connect to a different server of the same location. If that’s unavailable, consider choosing another virtual location to connect to.

How do i stream the International Game Pass with a VPN?

Follow the steps below on how to stream the International NFL Game Pass:

  • Sign up for a VPN and download the app on your device
  • Connect to a non-US server of choice
  • Visit and sign up for a Season Plus Game Pass
  • Enjoy every moment NFL game live or on demand!

The Verdict

An NFL International Season Plus Game Pass partnered with a reliable VPN is the ultimate solution to a blackout-free series. Should you need more VPN information, feel free to visit the ExpressVPN site and open a chat session to get the details you need.