Practical Ideas to Help You Create Engaging Social Media Content for Better Exposure

May 18, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Social media networking and interactions have now become a way of life. Earlier, businesses and organizations used to rely more on the traditional marketing channels, PR, and promotions. For them, social media was an alternative marketing medium. Today, the notion has changed entirely. Progressive brands and business owners are all counting on social media to expand their business and gain more customers. The following facts can justify this change.

  • Over 2/3 American adults are on social media platforms.
  • Facebook adds as many as 500,000 new users every day. Some records show that six new users get added every second.
  • Almost 73% of Americans hold one social media networking profile.

Companies and brands need to know that having a social media account is not what attracts or retains followers. It is crucial that you engage your followers and existing and potential customers through fresh and interesting posts. However, coming up with exciting social media content is easier said than done. If you are struggling to keep up with daily posts due to a lack of ideas, here are a few tips that should help you out.

Smart post ideas focusing on your company

This type of posts allows your audience to get to know your brand. If your followers usually visit your page to get updates on your company or learn about your products or services, this idea may work well for you. It will help you create a personal connection with your audience. Here, you can post.

  • Product images: It might sound generic, but posting photos of existing, best-selling or upcoming products is an excellent idea. Use high-quality photos and make sure that you do not go overboard with editing.
  • Behind the scene pictures: Use your social media profile to let people know what is happening in your business. For example, if you own an SEO firm, you can share pictures of critical business development meetings, AGM preparation, brainstorming sessions and so on. It allows people to have a peek into how your company functions. It attracts more customers and followers.
  • Company news and updates: If there is a new product launch coming up or there has been a press conference announcing an alliance with a third party service provider, you can use these updates as social media posts. You may or may not add pictures to these. However, adding a relevant image may fetch you more attention, likes, and shares.
  • Product tutorial: New users may want to know the best way to use your products or services. You can create a product tutorial and share it. It can either be in a video format or a series of pictures demonstrating the correct usage.
  • Company trivia: Every company has its tricks of the trade! Though no company would want to share the secret to its success, you may choose to give out some of the less critical information about your strategies. For instance, if employing experienced employees has led to your excellent sales and brand reputation, go ahead and share it! It will get you more loyal customers and followers.

Posts that will engage your target audience online

Creating engaging content is critical to attracting your target audience and keeping them hooked to your social media pages or profiles. There are ways to help you increase engagement on your social posts. The idea is to initiate a discussion or conversation that will keep the momentum going. Here’s how you can go about it.

  • Ask your audience a question: Do you want to know what your target audience or customers think about your products? Thanks to social media, now you can directly ask them! However, know that it will welcome both positive and negative comments. You need to be open to criticism and make every participant feel heard. Moreover, the comments can also provide you with ideas for your next post or product.
  • Organize a contest: Hold a competition and ask your followers to post photos of them using your products. You can ask them to add a creative caption with their post along with relevant hashtags. You can choose a winner and give him/her a special gift. Gifts may be anything from a discount voucher to a product hamper. It will encourage others to take part in your contest the next time you have it.

Industry-specific social media posts

Talking about your company is excellent. However, doing that every day will make your posts seem too promotional. It will become too dull too soon! Your online audience wants variety. The smart way is to follow the 20/80 ratio. That means you can keep 20% of your posts about your company and 80% about other news. Here, you can add relevant industry news. These posts will go a long way in educating people about your industry as a whole. Here are a few exciting ways to do it:

  • Introduce an idea for a book: Do you have a book in mind that sheds light on your industry? If you have already thought of the content of the book, you can give your audience a preview of what they might get once the book releases. It will generate ample excitement around your upcoming offering.
  • Connect to a LinkedIn group: You may find several LinkedIn groups that offer insightful views about your industry. If you think a group has quality information to share, post the link in your social media page. Your followers may join in and also thank you for it.
  • Find an expert blogger: All you need to do is find a blogger who is an expert in your industry sector. You can share some of their Blogging links on your social media profile. When you share their post and inform them, chances are they will you give you a mention. Thus, you can take social sharing to another level.

Today’s customers love to follow brands and their stories online. It is likely that your existing and potential customers want to know more about you. Engaging social media posts will help you build a connection with your audience. So, take inspiration from these above discussed social media post ideas and create your own!