Precautions to take in pregnancy when one is HIV positive

December 20, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

If a pregnant woman has HIV then the foetus can get infected during the time of pregnancy and even if not then there is a tendency to catch this disease when they are breastfeeding from their mother.

But there are certain medicine for HIV during pregnancy which if taken on time can majorly reduces the risk of this passing virus to the infants from the pregnant mothers. But there are many women who are not even aware that they are infected with this HIV virus and so when one is pregnant, it is very strongly recommended that they should go for a screening for HIV infection.

If found that a particular woman has HIV then they should definitely consult an experienced HIV specialist and an obstetrician before they become pregnant. They also need to start taking HIV medications regularly. If women have complete viral suppression then they have a very low risk of passing this HIV virus to their baby as compared to the ones who have virus already detected in their blood.

But many studies have revealed that pregnancy never worsens or the risk of death if one is infected with HIV virus. But if one is not clear about their HIV disease then it can always increase the pregnancy related complications. There can be difficulties like low birth weight of the new born, pre maturity and even still birth. But if there are certain kinds of medications taken during the time of pregnancy and labour then it can definitely reduce the risk of passing the HIV to the child. Talk to your healthcare provider about the risks and benefits of taking HIV medications during pregnancy.

If a woman has HIV, the definitely require some assistance from proper health care providers during the time of pregnancy. When the pregnancy news is confirmed, the woman should meet their HIV specialist and discuss how to manage this passing risk of virus to the child. Also during the time of this initial evaluation one needs to go for a blood test to see for the mutations of the HIV virus so that they can take the medications properly.

During pregnancy, all women with HIV are advised to take combination antiretroviral regimens using multiple HIV drugs. Women who become pregnant while on this medical assistance successfully controls the virus and so it becomes much safer for the foetus.

When one is in the early stage of pregnancy, they should start their HIV medications so that by the time of delivery, the amount of virus present in the blood gets lower. But there are some women who find it very difficult to take pills in the first trimester as they feel a lot of nausea. Then they should consult the doctor on when they can start the medication.

It is also very important to take the medications as it has been prescribed. One should take aids in pregnancy medicine so that they can decrease the risk of developing drug resistance as well. But there are also some medications to avoid and one should be careful about that too.