Role of Golf Course Superintendent in Keeping Things Organized

February 21, 2019 | Comments Off

A golf course superintendent does a lot more than identifying the needs of the golf course and looking for golf course mowers for sale. The superintendent is holding an important position in the golf course and has many responsibilities to fulfill. While finding the new or used turf machinery for sale is one of the easiest things to do, involving other key personnel in keeping things organized can be a little challenging. Let’s see how the superintendent can achieve this.          

Keeping Superintendent’s Daily Log

The golf course superintendent keeps many records by establishing and maintaining a daily log. This log is maintained to record course conditions, weather conditions, rainfall, mowing heights, course set up, turf cultural practices, number of staff working, problems and trouble areas, routine and project, number of rounds played and everything else related to the ongoing maintenance of the golf course.

The superintendent takes note of existing conditions on a regular basis. This often helps in spotting and monitoring trends. The same superintendent’s daily log will serve the purpose of a historical record providing useful information related to the work culture and practices of employees and micro-climate conditions.

Daily Communications

The superintendent regularly communicates with the golf course operation staff to tell them about the current conditions of the golf course, ongoing maintenance work, repairs and everything else that can impact the playability of the golf course. Exactly the same way, it is the responsibility of the golf course operation staff to keep the superintendent informed. It is the operation staff’s job to tell the superintendent about the expected levels and timing of the play, any special setup required for a tournament, any special events, outings or any other event that can affect the maintenance of the golf course.        

The superintendent should keep the General Manager informed about any such issue, event or activities. Staying informed will help the general manager in responding to the comments and questions of the members appropriately.

Monthly Golf Course Management Meeting

The superintendent coordinates with the Head Golf Professional, the General Manager and other key personnel to set up the monthly golf course management meeting. The agenda of this meeting is to address the issues related to the maintenance and operation of the golf course. It is in this meeting the members decide whether any deviation from the annual golf course plan is required to address these issues. They also make sure that the things are going according to the annual golf course plan. Any upcoming event or tournament will also be discussed in the meeting. A well planned monthly meeting is one hour long. All members are well informed of the conditions of the golf course.

If required, the decisions like looking for golf mowers for sale or any other new or used turf machinery for sale are also made in this meeting.

Greens Committee Meetings

The superintendent also convenes and attend Greens Committee meetings. Almost every golf course has a Green Committee. This committee provides feedback to the superintendent and also guide on the set up and maintenance of the golf course. This meeting is convened once a month. The superintendent should carry the Superintendent’s Daily Log, Golf Course Benchmarks and other documents the Green Committee requests. These documents provide the committee with valuable information it needs.

It is the green committee that bridges the gap between the maintenance, management and pros and the players. The job of a Green Committee member is very demanding as the committee plays an important role in the long-term success of a golf course maintenance program. So, the superintendent keeps the General Manager informed of the concerns and issues raised by the Green Committee.