Seven tips to take care of the health of your PC

December 10, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

It is very likely that your computer is the most important equipment in your company. When it does not work properly your business slows down, your employees’ productivity goes down, customers are not served and your partners are frustrated. Sure you know, but it’s worth repeating: if you do not take care of your PC sooner or later you will have problems.

Now, preserving the health of your computer does not require great resources or a lot of time. Here we give you a list of simple and very effective recommendations to take care of it:

  1. Think before installing. 

Many times they tell me that a computer is not working well and I discover that they have downloaded Internet programs or a CD from a friend. Software installation will take up space on the hard drive, which will cause your computer to work more slowly. These programs could also be an open door for viruses and cause other programs to collapse. The key: install as few programs as possible. If you can, use a second computer to “play” and test the programs you want to use throughout the company.

  1. Install the appropriate software. 

It is vital that you secure your computer against digital vandals. Therefore, install best antivirus software  and firewall software. These two programs, which you must update regularly, will work as a protective wall for your computer.

  1. Update your operating system. 

It is likely that you use Microsoft Windows as the basis for your other programs and to control your computer. If so, update it by going to “Windows Update” (

  1. Eliminate what you do not need. 

In a very regular way – every two or three months – you must inventory your computer to delete the programs you do not need. These occupy valuable space on your hard drive, and if you do not use them, you must remove them by means of the “Add / Remove Programs” option, which is in the “Control Panel” in the “Start” menu.

  1. Defragment your hard drive.

Your hard drive is one of the parts that work most on your computer, because you use it all the time, every day (even if you do not realize it) to access the programs you use and store the files that you create. But the hard drive does not record the files in any particular order: it uses the first empty space it finds (same that is created when deleting files). Thus, the pieces of data are scattered all over the hard disk, and this causes that the access to the archived information is slow. It is essential that you defrag your hard drive regularly to work as fast as possible. Do it monthly if you do not use your computer too much, and weekly if you use it a lot. To do this, you must go to “My Computer” and then go to “Local Disk (C :)”. You position the cursor on the icon, press right button and go to “Properties”. There you choose the “Tools” tab and click on the “Defragment now” button.

  1. Keep your computer clean. 

I have seen offices in which people have papers and stickers stuck on all their computers, covering the airways. Do not obstruct them: it is important to keep the components as fresh as possible. You should also vacuum it to clean the dust between the keys.

  1. Security is important. 

When things go wrong, you must be prepared. Therefore, it is essential to always support your important information. You can do it via the internet, with an external hard drive or central server, or put the data on CD-ROMs or DVDs. Regardless of the method you choose, make sure to do it regularly, because if your computer breaks down, you can recover the relevant data easily.