Should I use a plugin or ask developers to create ‘coming soon’ page?

December 20, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

There are instances when people are looking to come up with a ‘coming soon’ page for their website. While the plugins like Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode makes your job easier, there are instances when individuals think of getting it developed from professionals. Both methods have its own pros and cons but for most of the individuals, using WordPress coming soon plugins appear to be a better choice. Here, we will consider how these WordPress plugins can be preferable over hiring the developers for the job.


First up we have the affordability which is what you should keep your eyes at. Most of the startups and small companies that are getting their website developed are actually pretty tight on the budget and can’t afford to spend too much on the development process. So, the plugins become a better choice because hiring a developer and asking him to do the job for you might cost you way more than buying a plugin and integrating it. What else? A free version of Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin is available which can assist you in creating the required pages without any trouble.

Ease of access

When a developer is taking care of the job, you can access him in a certain time window. And if you are outsourcing the job to a company that has a different time zone than yours, you are in some serious trouble. However, with the plugins, they are accessible to you any time you want. Whether it is 6 in the morning or 12 midnight, you will be able to go to the developer options and make changes as required. Also, there is a very fast support team for Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode which is always ready to answer your queries.

Customize as you like

Want to create a custom coming soon page? No problem. Integrate the given plugin to your website and start doing the job. Even if you don’t have any coding knowledge, there is nothing to worry about. The plugin gives you a chance to use any template from the given options and you can further edit it. In the layout option, one can easily rearrange the template by simple drag and drop. Take the text above the time or move the form from right to center, do whatever you like just by clicking and dragging the mouse.

Change it without any trouble

When you ask a developer to do the job, you will have to pay him for any additional job or further changes. However, with the use of Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin, you can change the website anyway you want. As stated above, there are customization options available to you that let you change social media accounts, form details, page layouts, and even the backgrounds among other features available to you.

Final words

The Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode is a plugin which certainly offers you a lot of flexibility and plenty of features. While hiring a developer may give you freedom to get things built the way you want, almost all the needs of majority of individuals can be addressed with the plugin.