Six Essentials That Websites Too Often Neglect

May 31, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Nowadays websites are absolutely crucial for small businesses. Yet, unfortunately you do not have to look too far to see that too many business owners still do not quite understand the essentials of web design. So, if you are planning to design websites, the following pointers will for sure come in handy.

Contact Info That Is Easy To Find

Ultimately customers will want to know how they can contact your business. In addition to including some type of contact form on your website, also tell them how they can make contact with you. By doing this, your business all of a sudden appears to be more legitimate and it will boost your leads too. So, include your Skype handle, email address or phone number on every single page of your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Every small business needs to focus on SEO. You would like your website to show up in the search results when a customer Googles your business name, right? How about when they Google the services or products that your business actually provides? Well, basically you just need to know which keywords your target market will Google and use these keywords on your website. Also, be sure to name your website’s pages right and opt for static URLs.

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Memorable URL

The URL refers to the address that Internet users will use to visit your website. As your URL is going to form an integral part of your brand, ensure that your URL is easy to remember, yet descriptive. When a customer sees your URL, he or she should have a good idea of who you are and which products/services you offer.

So, what if the domain that you like the best is no longer available? Simply make a few minor adjustments. It is as easy as that!

Call to Action

Whether you want customers to buy your products via your website or visit your actual physical store, your customers need to know what you wish of them to do. Your customers will be clueless unless you clearly ask them.

So, be sure to include various calls to actions that employ specific language such as “sign up for our newsletter” or “get a quote”. Also, be sure to emphasise the call to action by for example using a different colour or font.

Easy To Navigate

Websites must boast intuitive navigation. In other words, any visitor must be able to find what he or she is looking for effortlessly and quickly. So, to help visitors find what they are looking for in a flash, be sure to use search bars, navigation menus, bullet points, quotes and headers.

At the end of the day, Internet users cannot focus their attention for too long. So, it is vital that websites make it easy for them to find the most important info.


One of the best ways to prove to your potential customers that you can in fact offer first-class service is to include actual testimonials on the website of your business. But what if you have not been in business long and do not have any testimonials that you can boast yet? Well, just ask your customers to write a review. You will be surprised how many customers won’t mind to write a good testimonial. Otherwise, you can always add photos of the jobs that you have completed or examples of what you can do.

Before you try to make your websites more developed, just concentrate on getting these six essentials right and your websites will deliver the right results.

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