Some Effective Wilderness Survival Tricks to Safeguard against Cold Weather Conditions

March 22, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Winter camping could be really enjoyable and truly thrilling. However, it would be freezing cold when you are out in the jungles. You need to do some smart planning well ahead of the time so that your wilderness trip could be memorable, and most importantly, a comfortable one. When it starts snowing, it could be an amazing time for the campers as the summertime campers are all gone. There is no overcrowding and there is a sense of peace and tranquility all around you. Here are a few basic winter survival tips and tricks so that you could enjoy your wilderness excursion despite freezing cold conditions.

Dress Properly

You need to wear proper clothes to keep yourself warm and cozy when you are just sitting doing nothing. Periods of inactivity could make you feel pretty cold. When you are hiking, the body would be staying warm, the moment you stop walking or doing any sort of activity, you could feel very cold and uncomfortable as the temperature seems to dip dramatically.

It is best to resort to layer dressing. You must layer up and begin with the effective polyester thermal underwear as the base layer. It is best to opt for the breathable fleece to arrest the accumulation of sweat while you are involved in some activity. You may opt for wool-fleece blends or merino wool. You may carry a scarf with you along with a lightweight jacket that is really breathable and waterproof.

Layering is effective for your feet and your head. Woolen or fleece caps could be made effective and windproof when it is smartly covered with a proper detachable hood. Wear wicking polyester socks or woolen socks that are good for hiking purposes. Wear a water repellent or waterproof pair of boots. These prove to be really useful if you are planning to hike through the snow. Even when you are enjoying a wildlife vacation at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve during cold winter months, it is a good idea to dress up in layers to make your hiking expedition an enjoyable one. You could come back and relax in your cozy room in one of the reputed Tadoba hotels.

Always Keep Your Hands Warm

You must wear polyester glove liners and layer with gloves and then use gauntlets for layering over them. You may carry along chemical heating pads for keeping you warm when it is very cold outdoors.

Always Create a Fire While Camping Outdoors

The first thing that you should do after reaching the campsite is to start a fire. You must carry your own fire starters such as the high-tech magnesium fire starters or the low-tech dry lint stuffed into film canisters or old pill bottles.

Drink Plenty of Fluids: Stay Hydrated

Often you do not drink enough water in winter as you do not really feel thirsty. But it is always a good idea to stay hydrated even in winter months. While you are in the wilderness, it is a good idea to drink plenty of fluids including water, hot chocolate or hot tea or coffee. Hot chocolate would be effectively providing a high-calorie feed that is just right for an outdoor adventure.


Follow all the above-discussed tips to keep yourself safe and comfortable even during extreme winter conditions in the wilderness. Remember to wear proper clothes to bed to keep warm and cozy. If you remember executing these tips, your winter trip to the wilderness could be a memorable one.