The Best Wedding Blogs of 2018

September 4, 2018 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Planning on starting your own wedding blog? The first thing you should do after you’ve set up your domain and web hosting is to look for inspiration. There are many wedding blogs with different types of designs, layouts, themes, and concepts. To help aid in the creative process, we’ve built a list of our favorite wedding blogs. But we didn’t just go with the most popular blogs. We decided to focus on the best blogs of 2018 and focused on newer blogs that you may not have heard of.

1. Plans & Presents

The first thing you notice on the Plans & Presents blog is the vibrant kaleidoscopic colors in the header and blog navigation. Instead of a blog teaser that features a single photo, the blogger used a gallery teaser featuring multiple photos. This gives visitors a better idea of what to expect inside the post.

The site itself has a simple design and layout. You can easily set up your web hosting, install WordPress, find the right plugins, and build a similar blog in a matter of a few days. Sometimes it’s the attention to the small details that makes a big difference.

2. Want That Wedding

Want That Wedding uses floral, faded stencil, and pink accents to create an inviting, light and vibrant presentation for their site. The blog uses a very simple two-column layout that highlights the content. The side column lists their sponsors, various wedding shopping photos, and an Instagram feed that shows their latest posts.

Want That Wedding does an amazing job with their navigation. There are tons of different categories that fit into the topic of weddings. The blogger has broken down all the possible categories and has built a top navigation menu that users can use to quickly find what they’re looking for.

3. Bridal Chic In The City

We love the angle that Bridal Chic In The City is going for. The blog is all about organizing urban weddings. The white brick wall backdrop in the heading and footer helps bring this idea to the forefront. While the site uses a white background and has a lot of negative space, the dark teal accents and mouseover effects help it stand out enough.

Each of the posts on the blog features high-quality photos that accompany each part of the content. This helps readers get context to what the content is about and helps them visualize what can be possible. There are also helpful videos and resources which make a big difference when it comes to things like makeup and hair.

4. Way Out Wedding

Way Out Wedding has a picturesque blog that opens up with a full-page hero image. The site uses a pale pink for the background, an electric pink for the navigation menu, orange for mouseover links, and lavender for the footer. This is a very inspiring color scheme that’s a breath of fresh hair in the industry. It really helps the blog’s design shine without detracting from the content.

The blog itself uses a card-based layout which works due to the funky design scheme and diverse range of content topics. The branding and content perfectly align with the theme they seem to be going for which is outside the box wedding ideas. We think that many more wedding blogs should take design risks like Way Out Wedding has.

5. Honeysuckle & Castle

Honeysuckle & Castle is a wedding blog for an event coordination company. The blog does a fantastic job of branding the company. It features their logo up front on a large hero images that shows beautiful photos of their venues. Their actual blog uses a card -based layout (just like Pinterest) that arranges their content in a condensed yet eye-catching way.

One of the things we like about Honeysuckle & Castle is the fonts. The sites uses custom fonts and font colors that exemplify their brand. This includes gray, black, purple, gold, and pink. It’s done with restraint and used to highlight important points. Another thing to takeaway is how the blog sells the company’s services indirectly through photos of their event and content.

6. Pasties & Petticoats

Pasties & Petticoats is another great example of how simple but intricate designs can make for a great wedding blog. The blog’s header is designed like a wedding invitation card painted by watercolor. It then put the brand logo right in the center of this design, making for a great opening to the site.

The actual blog opens up with a featured post followed by a two-column blog post teaser format. While there isn’t anything else that stands out, we do like the fact that the top navigation menu is sticky. This allows the user to quickly browse the site and find other pages related to their interests.

7. Burgh Brides

Landing on the Burgh Brides blog feels like you’re stepping into the pages of a vogue fashion magazine. The background features gold and pink polka dots strewn across a black and white striped background. The header features beautiful custom font with the brides done in gold. The color scheme for the rest of the blog remain consistent with black, white, gold and pink.

The layout is a two-column format with widgets and information section on the right hand side. It features unique social media buttons, links to wedding guides, category navigation links, and various resources for visitors. This is another uniquely designed wedding blog that more bloggers should take notice of.

That makes our list of the best wedding blogs of 2018. We’ve featured a combination of both well-known and newer blogs to give you an idea of how bloggers are building their sites. The list also features outside the box designs as well as simple designs that you can recreate very quickly. Hopefully, the list has inspired you to come up with some unique designs of your own.