The EOT crane is the backbone of the factories

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Have you ever been to a factory or sea port? If you have, you should have noticed the EOT cranes all over the place. Yes, the EOT crane or the Electric Overhead Travelling Crane as they call it is the most important piece of machinery you will find in such places com facebook orca.

What is an EOT crane?

The EOT cranes are the most commonly used applications in industries, sea ports, warehouses, and so on. Usually, you have parallel runways installed through the entire length of the industry or the roads. You have a travelling bridge spanning the gap. As the name suggests, the crane is operated by electricity. Some of the EOT cranes have an operator cabin. Alternatively, you have a control pendant along with the EOT crane.

Applications of EOT crane:

The EOT crane has great utility in warehouses, workshops, industrial grounds, sea ports, and inside factories as well. They are extremely useful for relocating heavy loads. pname com facebook orca The best aspect of these EOT cranes is that they not only move in both directions but also raise or lower the loads easily. However, one should be careful not to use the EOT crane in corrosive or combustible environment.

Types of EOT cranes

There are basically two types of EOT cranes.

The single girder EOT cranes – Such types of cranes have single girders. They are easy to install and maintain. However, they are not able to lift heavy loads that the double girder cranes can.

The double girder EOT crane – As the name suggests, these cranes have double girders. They are more difficult to install as compared to the single girder cranes. They require higher maintenance as well. But, these cranes can lift and transport heavier loads.

Single girder cranes:

This crane consists of a main girder under which you have a hoist unit and trolley moving on the lower flange. MS Technology News There are two end carriages with wheels fixed below the main girder at both the ends. These carriages move on two parallel runways across the entire bay. The advantage of the single girder crane is that it does not occupy much space. It is very useful for factories having space constraints. The single girder crane can cover the entire shop area thereby proving its utility in lifting and shifting materials from one place to the other.

Double girder cranes:

The double girder EOT cranes are heavy duty equipment capable of lifting and carrying weights up to 10 T or more. The advantage of the double girder EOT crane is that they do not require much low time. These cranes can work at comparatively higher speeds. Usually, you find an operator cabin in these double girder EOT cranes for controlling the operations.

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