The Significance of DevOps Certification

July 24, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

DevOps refers to the integrated combination of operations as well as development in an IT enterprise. To deliver DevOps support, several engineers from both the development and operations work together. The DevOps support ranges from initial development, to design, to implementation. The Agile software development is considered as the basis of the creation of DevOps. The collaboration of various teams having different functions plays a key role in the progress of software solutions. While Agile is the group of essential principles which are employed during the development of software, DevOps also includes the features of development.

DevOps training and certification

In the current IT marketplace, the demand for DevOps professionals has increased considerably over the years. The three certifications related to DevOps are – Certified Agile Service Manager, Certified Agile Process Owner, and Foundation. Foundation is the introductory DevOps certification. The certified individuals are fully able to execute best practices and the concepts of DevOps including the communication as well as the workflow in the enterprise. The professionals who are working in the areas of product lifecycle and services are eligible for the DevOps Foundation Certification. The employees working in big IT firms including the managers find this useful because it fully supports the design and development process.

The trainees who have an in-depth understanding of DevOps make them favourites in the IT marketplace. The trainees should possess exceptional IT, service management knowledge, and are required to finish a sixteen-hour course from the institutions offering DevOps courses. It is shown that the comprehensive surveys and the statistics by globally known tech research firms that incorporates DevOps processes and practices have a high success rate of task completion with quality. The habits of working of the DevOps organizations is to employ cross-functional teams which can work in collaboration and deliver the required product within the scheduled timeframes.

Advantages of DevOps certification

  • Enhanced knowledge and skills

The main concept of DevOps focuses on the unmatched thought processes and the brand new decision methods. DevOps certification comes with various business and technical advantages when learnt can be successfully implemented in an IT enterprise. The professionals working in the teams of cross-functional nature constitute the fundamentals of DevOps. The Operation engineers, Quality analysts, Business analysts, and  Developers are among those who represent the multidisciplinary team of professionals.

  • Enhanced productivity and effectiveness

Most of the conventional IT enterprises often observe that their employees are severely affected by the downtime. These commonly attribute to either software related issues and waiting for the other employees. The main goal of an IT professional in an enterprise would be to stay productive for the time he spends in the workplace. To achieve this objective the time which is lost either on software related issues or the waiting period should be minimized. When the unproductive and unsatisfying part of the work process is eliminated, it will enhance the productivity of the work done and add the value of the enterprise.

  • Better job opportunity

DevOps is a new idea in the IT domain industry, with many businesses looking to employ DevOps processes and practices. Nowadays, there is a wide range of gap between the overall availability of the required DevOps professionals and the certified DevOps professionals. The IT professionals can get benefitted by taking certification in DevOps for the validation of skill sets ensuring better job options.

  • Enhanced wages

Massive growth is seen in the wages of DevOps professionals due to the regular penetration of best practices in the mentioned IT enterprises. This sort of trend seems to be sustainable as well as consistent according to the experts all over the globe.

  • Advantageous for your enterprise through visibility to build and secure modern applications

Promoting the collaboration between operations and the development teams and enhanced communication is the core of DevOps methodology. This process leads to the shorter developmental cycles means that the frequency at which the code goes to production enhances significantly. Long working hours can be trimmed by using the DevOps implementation with ease being brought into defect detection processes in QA and QC.

If you are a highly ambitious IT professional who has the zeal to climb up the ladder, then it is essential to have a DevOps certification because keeping up with the trend would be good for your career.