These 6 Things can Make Your Brand New App Crash in Hours

November 19, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

One thing that all users hate in common is app crash, as it hampers their experience. In mobile app development, whether you target the enterprise or regular crowd, you don’t want them to be disappointed with your mobile app.

The low ratings and negative reviews on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store will ensure that new users will never install your application, a nightmare in mobile app development. Here are six things which can make your brand new app crash in hours:

Excess amounts of unorganized code

You might assume that large amounts of unorganized code are alright as it won’t have an impact on your mobile app. However, when you use a lot of code in your app, it increases the chances of making a mistake. Even the smallest errors will cause your app to crash, a situation you want to avoid. While writing code, try to keep it organized and simple.

Insufficient testing

One of the major reasons why an app crashes is due to insufficient amounts of testing. As you had to meet deadlines, you may choose to rush on the testing process, as the preliminary procedure didn’t show any errors. However, due to the way people use their smartphones, you need to test for every possible scenario, before making it available to the public.

Lack of memory management

One common reason why an app crashes is due to the lack of memory management. Although devices may come with a lot of RAM, if you don’t optimize it properly, it will cause a lot of problems. For instance, missing codes may result in memory leaks, which will make the app slow, consume large amounts of memory, before crashing

Problems with compatibility

Due to the plethora of devices available in the market, you need to optimize your app for all of them. Each device has different configurations, which makes your life as a developer, challenging. In mobile app development, you should make sure that you test your mobile app in a large number of devices, before making it available for download.

OS update

Apple and Google release one large update every year, along with smaller ones, to fix bugs and add security patches. In mobile app development, you need to keep track of all the updates released by these giants as it changes the API. If you forget to make changes in the code to accommodate for the OS change, it will cause a lot of errors, making your app crash.

Unable to manage network properly

Network management is another thing which can make your mobile app crash. During the developmental stages, you may have access to strong WiFi at all times. However, some of your users will use their mobile data to connect to the Internet. As a result, they may not have a strong reception in specific areas, such as the elevator and basement. Always test your mobile app in all types of network conditions before you release it.

These are the six things which can make your brand new app crash in hours!

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