Tips when Choosing an Office Security System

July 3, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Running a business is a huge responsibility. You don’t just have to ensure your company’s confidential information is secure, but you have to ensure your employees feel secure in the business environment too. For that, thankfully, we have state of the art video surveillance security systems available. Speaking of surveillance or security systems, when we have so many options out there to shop, it is a challenge to pick the one that’s the right choice for your company.

Don’t worry, we have made the decision easier for you so that you can make the right investment. Here you go with some tips to choose an office security system:

What is the size of your building?

First things first, you must evaluate the space. If your office is on rent, then go for such a system that has minimal contact with the walls and overall structure of the office.  Likewise, if you have a lot of open space, then you are going to need cameras in individual offices just to keep track of everything.

Conduct a security review

A security review will tell you where you must install the security system , what your weak spots are and where can you use security guard services. Let the security company come and view your space. Tell them about all the entrance and exit spots, the physical features of your space, the number of employees you have and how they access the building, potential vulnerabilities, and hours of operations. With all this information, they will suggest you the office security system that best suits our premises.

It must be Smartphone compatible

The office security system should be compatible with your Smartphone so that it provides you direct information as and when you need it. This will help you remain connected and in control of the security of your business even when you not physically present in the office.

Decide if you need video surveillance

Not all businesses need it but if you have one, then it can be an added benefit. A video surveillance system can offer you round-the-clock surveillance, you can prevent crimes, monitor your valuable items and even employees and customers, monitor the cash register and provide visual evidence in case a crime occurs.

It must monitor all the entrance areas

You should always have a close eye on the entrance and hence the office security system you chose should monitor all entrances.  This will help you spot all potential security breaches beforehand.

It must have the right features

The features of your office security system depend on your budget and the type of security you are expecting. You will find state of the art systems that possess advanced features. Your security system must have the access control technology. If you can afford, additional features like sensors for flooding, carbon monoxide and smoke can come in handy too.

You shouldn’t really be compromising on the security and well-being of your employees and your entire business by investing in a security system that is cheap and unreliable. Pick the one which best suits your business needs, budget and keeps everyone safe.