Top WordPress Template Sites of 2018

October 8, 2018 Tom Clark | Comments Off

WordPress is the ideal Content Management System for building websites and blogs. It can be used to create any type of website from professional to a personal portfolio or student website. The easiest way to build a website or blog with WordPress is to start with a template. Templates reduce the amount of time it takes to get the frontend of your website looking the way you envision it. Check out these top 10 WordPress template sites of 2018 to find your next modern website template.

1. TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster has nearly 2000 WordPress templates and is one of the most popular template websites on the web in 2018. This modern template provider has templates ranging in price from just a few dollars to several hundred dollars. This is a great site to check if you’ve recently acquired WordPress hosting and want to make a unique and creative website.

2. PixelEmu

PixelEmu is a WordPress template website with hundreds of templates starting at just $39. The templates found on PixelEmu are all responsive, meaning they will allow your website to automatically adjust to the display of any device. This is a great choice of template provider if you’re looking for a template that doesn’t match the cookie-cutter templates often found on the web.

3. RocketTheme

If you’re looking for a blazingly-fast WordPress template, then RocketTheme is the first template website you should visit. This template maker provides access to several dozen impressive WordPress templates for reasonable club fee of $59. This premium template developer also sells templates on an individual basis for those who don’t intend to build more than one website.

4. Themler

Themler is a unique template site that helps users create a custom template without the requirement of any coding background. You can use Themler’s base templates to create entirely unique templates in just minutes through a point-and-click interface. Themler templates work well with WooCommerce so this is the idea site to check out if you’re thinking about starting a website with a store or online shop.

5. EnvatoHYPERLINK “” Elements

Envato Elements is a membership-style template and plugin site for WordPress and other CMS users that has a lot to offer. There are over 1000 templates on this site to get your WordPress site up and running in just minutes. This online marketplace also offers fonts, graphics, and other useful items for WordPress sites owners making it a must-have if you’re going to be building an elaborate website or multiple websites.

6. i3dThemes

This innovative template website for WordPress themes will help you make the most of any WordPress hosting account. i3dThemes offers a vast selection of themes with customer support staff on hand in case you run into any issues while building your designs. The templates on this website start around $70 and install in just minutes.

7. WordPress Theme Directory

If ‘free’ is more along the lines of what you’re looking to pay for a WordPress template then you’re in luck. The official WordPress theme gallery has plenty of free, amazing templates for just about any website. Many of the templates on this site are ‘light’ versions of premium templates and will work just fine for most smaller and medium-sized websites.

8. Theme Junkie

Theme Junkie is a great website to browse for templates for your next WordPress project. This website has sold over 35,000 templates already and continues to grow in 2018. You can access all the templates on Theme Junkie for a flat membership fee of $49. This site has many business templates so it’s the perfect choice if you’re building websites for retail or other businesses.

9. A Themes

A Themes has an amazing selection of themes, including 65 free themes that will suit virtually any type of WordPress website. A themes sorts their themes into collections, making it easy to find a template to fit the style of your website or blog. This template site also contains valuable information about how to build and design your WordPress website once you’ve got it up and running with a new template.

10. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a popular template site for WordPress website administrators and designers. This template site offers almost 100 templates to suit a variety of websites and blogs. The templates on Elegant Themes can be customized with Elegant Themes’ easy-to-use in-house theme tool that lets you drag-and-drop elements across your site’s frontpage to create instant changes.

These template sites are the very best of what 2018 has brought WordPress owners and each one has lived up to its reputation. Across these 10 websites you will be able to choose from thousands of WordPress themes that work perfectly with the modern, mobile-centric web. Try one of the sites that offers all-access memberships if you intend to build multiple WordPress sites or like to try out different themes on your website.