Turbo Upgrades: Add More Power to Your Vehicle

April 17, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Sometimes, you feel like maximizing the performance level of your car along with its power. During such instances, changing stock turbocharger for better model is what should be done. There are so many reasons to go for turbo upgrades, making it such a good choice among people. You will expect to achieve a faster engine, durable machine and good speed. You have to take the process very seriously as upgrading turbo might cost you some big bucks. Moreover, you need to learn how exactly the turbo charging works, before you plan for the upgraded version.

2 Paths for Upgrading Turbo

There are basically two paths designed for turbo upgrades. You can choose either one of them, once you are completely sure of the variations and the path types.

  1. You can try to fit an uprated turbo. These machines are larger in size and will need additional pipework. It needs extra effort to fit inside the vehicle.
  2. Another one is to try going for hybrid turbo. It comes with OEM casing; but they vary from one turbo to another, along with different designs.

The second options will use lots on an upgraded version in place of the old one. However, you might have to remap the entire turbo upgrades for procuring full benefits. Most of the hybrid turbo will run prom8isingly ok on standard maps ad at lower boosting power. Here, attention is primarily given to air intake aperture shape. It is also noted that turbine profile and compressor wheel should be taken care of too. The hybrid turbo can spin faster, compress air for giving that boost at higher or lower RPM speed. It will provide you with the opportunity to mark your requirements.

The track cars are designed to work best with high RPM and higher booster levels. For that, they need larger turbo. Road cars, on the other hand, will need lower down power. During such stages, smaller turbo will present them with flatter torque curve without going for much lag.

Reasons to Upgrade

What are the reasons for you to go for turbo upgrades and spend money on this service? Well, some interesting points might help in clarifying your question.

  • Other than just speed and performance, there are some practical uses of upgrading turbo too. If you are much into towing or caravanning and trying to struggle for power, then you might want to replace turbo for that great solution. This helps in offering additional pulling power, which is what you are looking for.
  • In case, you are trying to change your standard car into a racing one, you have to go for a bigger and better turbo. The changed turbo will help in offering promising improvements on straight line speed and in responsiveness too.
  • In case you are a true performance enthusiast, going for the turbo upgrades for your vehicle can always be a great way to push your limits towards betterment. This will help in improving drivability, fun and even excitement at the same time.

Research for Choosing the Right One

It is truly an art to choose the right turbo mechanism for your car’s turbo upgrades now. For that, research is the key. You have to hold your patience and go through all the upgraded versions first, before actually investing money on one. But, even before that, you have to set your goals. Know why you need to change your car’s turbo power, and then make way for the right choice.

You further have to size turbo properly for turbo upgrades. For that, you need to calculate mass or air moving through engine and volume for marking turbo capability.