Use The Space Under The Stairs Wisely To Have Your Home Organized

October 10, 2018 Tom Clark | Comments Off

A key to a well organized home, no matter how small or big it is, is to get the most of the space available. This means that there shouldn’t be left any space empty, including even some awkward space. Such spaces can be the odd corner space, as well as the space under the stairs. The corner space can be perfect for adding some corner shelves, corner sofa, corner fireplace or maybe some floor lamp or a plant. And when it comes to using the space under the stairs, there are even more alternatives to make this space functional. Here are just some of them.

  • A kitchen – Yes, this unused space can be turned into a kitchen if there is more space available. An under the stairs kitchen can be as functional as a regular one, as long as the space is used wisely. Choose the right kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances that will fit right in that space and enjoy preparing your meals.
  • A home office – If your home lacks a spare room for a home office, then do not worry but use the space under the stairs as one. Simply add a desk and a chairs, a couple of shelves and of course a lamp and you are ready to work.
  • An indoor garden – Besides being functional, the space under the stairs can be decorative too. This can be the perfect spot for your indoor garden. Add any plants you like, some pebbles, stones etc. Also you can add some lights. Or if the plants need a natural light, then you can even consider setting there a window if possible.
  • A reading nook – If you are a book lover, then you need to have your own cozy reading nook, where you can enjoy reading your favorite books. Simply add a comfy bench with extra cushions and pillows, some shelves or a storage box for under the bench for the books and a lamp.
  • A storage space – And of course, the unused space under the stairs can be turned into a storage space. Add some shelves or drawers and organize some of your stuff and thus keep your home neat and organized.

These are just some of the many possible ways of how you can use the empty space under the stairs, so hopefully you will get inspired from them.