Want to get better at SMS Marketing? Smart SMS Marketing Strategies to Opt-in For

June 8, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Are you investing in SMS marketing? Have you witnessed any positive outcomes? No? If you resonate with this, chances are you are mulling on canceling out this tool from your overall marketing strategy. Most people assume too soon that this tool isn’t effective. It is far from the truth. The following two facts further strengthen the point that this tool has indeed proved to be useful for many businesses over a period of time. Let’s take a look at the two realities.

Firstly, businesses that promote their products and services to customers through text messages can enjoy better conversion rates sometimes by as much as 40% as compared to businesses that don’t make any effort to send text messages to their clients.

Secondly, about 74% of the respondents have had favorable experience of the services and products through this form of marketing.

Are you opting in for SMS marketing? If yes, then you need to be aware of the basic types, which are 3 in number.

Types of SMS Marketing

  • Broadcast marketing: This type enables you to use a single text message that can be forwarded to a complete group or a targeted customer base. You can schedule it for a particular date and time. When you have a time crunch and want to send across a marketing communication fast, broadcast SMS marketing is the ideal option.
  • Recurring marketing: This denotes the text messages that get sent automatically on a timely basis. This kind of SMS marketing enables you to set up and send SMS campaigns that are regularly scheduled. Whether it gets fixed weekly or monthly, you have to abide by the company rules and the needs of the workers.
  • One-on-One SMS marketing: Using this tool you can write out a single message and have it sent to only the chosen cousin. It is an entirely one-to-one traceable SMS marketing strategy that offers a much more personalized touch.

Entrepreneurs always want to know how they can better their SMS marketing campaign. Here are few SMS marketing tips that will help you. So, let’s dive deeper into it.

  1. Add on a distinctive call-to-action

You need to be clear as to why you are sending the SMS. Also, you not only want your prospective leads to

respond but take a call as well. Applying the strategy of “Call-to-action” will yield better benefits

  1. Optimize the Campaign

Make sure that you are fully prepared for the campaign. You might as well offer to your prospective leads the so-called business texting app that gives you an edge over your competitors in the market operating in the same field.

  1. Get prepared for the way the customer respond

Decide on the apt time to send SMS campaigns to your consumers. Want to generate a response? Or perhaps create an action? If yes, then ensure you provide ample time to your customers to revert. Some scheduler-tools can help you draft your messages and keep them for timely delivery. You can opt-in for these tools.

  1. Be precise and keep it short

One SMS message has 160 characters. Want to plan a cost-effective marketing campaign? If yes, then select the words well and thoughtfully. State your point or offer directly. There’s no need to beat around the bush. Whether it’s a new product or a reward point, your users should know it now without further delay.

  1. Select the appropriate interval

Wondering if you must send your SMS campaigns monthly, weekly or regularly? The answer is simple. Posting messages on a frequent basis might hurt your subscribers. It might encourage them to unsubscribe out of frustration. On the other hand, if the frequency of sending text messages is well spaced, it will draw their attention better as it helps them to recall and register better.

However, there is no set message count that you ought to send within a month or week. You need to try and decide on a number that works both for you and your customers.

  1. Develop a sense of urgency

Are you informing people through SMS about the vouchers and coupon codes that you are offering? If yes, then put an expiry date on all your offerings. It will generate in them a sense of urgency. Naturally, you will enjoy increased conversion rates. Today, some tools help you design, send and also ask customers to reclaim their mobile vouchers.

  1. Know that less is always more

Are you maintaining your contact team well? If not, then start doing so instantly. You can avert sending SMS marketing messages to the customers’ every day. It will keep all your communication agenda-driven and very refreshing.

  1. Ensure that your database is completely clean

You sure don’t want to send messages to a set of old contacts. Hence, it is crucial to update and delete contacts that are out of reach. It means you need to keep that SMS database clean and refreshed as this will help in reaching out to the right kind of audience.

  1. Simply customize the texts for a distinctive experience

Advanced insert names and merge features, appointment times and many other chosen details in your messages. However, make sure you are habituated. Go ahead and brand the text by activating the Sender Name on SMS.

  1. Consider the opt-out process

Add on an easy opt-out choice daily on all your texts. Make sure that your customers can pause their SMS messages for work reason.

SMS marketing campaign needs few pre-requisites to be successful. Other than the factors mentioned above, it is essential to make sure that your audience is interested in your marketing messages, products, and offers. Furthermore, you should also take care to know your customers as well.

Take a look at the age, location, gender, and the previous buys. It will help you to share better SMS marketing messages. With favorite brands competing in the market, it is essential to select the smart SMS marketing strategies that work best.